why all the flame wars on sebenza and not......

Dec 5, 1999
i always see these flame wars on the sebenza's and if they are worth the money for a high end production piece. well my question is....what about microtech? i never see any flame wars on them???? don't get me wrong, i own 3 and love every one of them, but depending on what model you get they go way past the price of a sebenza...whats the deal?

Shawn, great question. I don't have the foggiest. It may be because when you say "Microtech" everyone automatically (sorry
) thinks of autos, which have a sort of mystery about them, especially regarding their pricing.
Hey Guys....

I handled a Seb for the very first time this weekend...
It was Murray's from Proedge,,as we met in Toronto at the CKG show....

Although I was impressed with it,,and it's a very well made knife,,, I'm really leaning toward a Real Kit Carson M16 or M18 I believe they are called....Please correct me if I'm wrong...

Have talked with Kit a number of times,, and I've really got my heart set on one,,one of these days....
Kit is an increible knife maker,,and love his designs,,but I don't see many people talking about his knives here,,unless I've missed something....

Don't get me wrong I think the Seb is a really nice blade,, Kit's blade just turns my crank a little more...

ttyle Eric...

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Actually there have been plenty of flame wars over whether Microtechs are overpriced or not -- just not recently. You can look back in the archives and find them ... or start a new one, we're about due anyway.

-Cougar :{)
Hey, if you really wanna start a flame war, tell St. James that the Sebs look better with a clip

sorry, couldnt resist

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Or, if you really wanna see the flames fly, just say that Sebenza's SUCK, sit back and watch as the Sebenzanista's come out and will be all over you like Army Ants on a honey covered grub.

Sebenza's are a great knife really, it's just some of us have problems with the price point and some don't care for the ergonomics and so on. In this world, it's nearly impossible to please everyone all the time. Oh well...
BTW, the blade on the Seb ROCKS. VERY well executed as a using blade, IMO.

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I think the problem arises when Sebenites claim that their knife of choice, is the only knife there is. I've handled a Sebenza enough times to agree, it's a great knife. Is it the only knife? Far from it. In fact, "All generalizations are false."

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Shawn: You'd be defensive too if you spent that much on a damn knife.
(My third one is on the way.)

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Lifter, you crack me up

You are all correct, but then again so am I

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No flames so far, he he.

It is funny how peoples subconsciousness seeks a subject of religion: check holy car brand wars, holy computer operating system wars, holy KNIFE wars ...

I like both Sebenza and Microtech knives. To avoid choosing between them, I carry both my MT SOCOM and Sebbie

Oh yes, and I'm carrying my Sebbie WITH the clip.


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This is kinda fun...so far.

Misque, I think you are dead on. Love the blade. Got a few reservations about the ergonomics. But I'm adjusting.


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The real lesson of this thread is if you want to start a flame war about Microtech prices you have to put "Microtech" and "Price" in the title -- and it would help to put it in the autos forum, too. This thread is only going to attract people who like Sebenza flame wars.

-Cougar :{)