Why am I a blues guitar playing Pirate who makes knives?!?!!

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Jan 9, 2011
My eye! Or why am I a blues guitar playin' Pirate who makes knives?!?

Yarrghh! Checking in here with an update on what the heck I am doing with my time... besides my incessant guitars up to eleven and pillaging your city.

I've been about half out of commission lately... 2-1/2 years with an internal eye issue called a Branch Retinal Vein Occlusion. My vision had improved but is now to the point where I can't drive and any direct light is blinding. I have had a really hard time working and my wife Sara has been helping me with communications/posts. Good news though...

It looks like I have a cataract as a result of my treatments and need a lens replacement which should help me out a lot! Nice to hear there as that part is at least correctable.
I'm currently drilling, profiling, doing CAD in the dark lol, and getting a lot done in the shop where I can. I'm working out new machines, lighting, methods etc. I'm feeling optimistic about the situation and have more knives going than ever.

I've been terrible at answering messages and am trying to get caught up soon.

I just had an eye injection a few days ago so hang in there. Each one is harder on my eye now and the swelling never really went down from the last shot/mild infection so I'm doing my best to relax which I really don't like.

I have a lot of knives going off to heat treat soon! I have to chamfer just a few more and they are on the way. I'm working on this crazy CNC router contraption to outer profile Kydex and scales. I might get a laser for leather. I want to do the boring stuff that a helper could do much faster and keep the rest handmade.

I haven't really plundered anything but have probably bough too many guitar pedals! I do have about 1000 hours on my Les Paul and 8 new original songs written. Rock and roll!

Thanks so much for your incredible support and have a great day!!!
Feb 22, 2020
Awesome your getting better and all improvement is great even if just baby steps. Sadly my JCM 2000 hasn't had any of its tubes warmed up lately and trying to build the courage to do a fret dress on a Schecter that would require me to take all of the strings off a Floyd Rose at one time. Keep getting better man!


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Mar 25, 2012
I was going to to type out a long post about your positive outlook on things, guitars and rock & roll but I think this says everything that I wanted to say.

Rock on!


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Jan 5, 2011
Well that SUCKS. Our human condition is one that needs fixin'...

Just make sure you have some ammo and keep some big knives sharp for the next lockdown... at least you have food out your back door if needed (as do I)... Time to teach the kiddos how to stalk deer :D

Good luck with the eye! Maybe you morph into a pirate more and more as the eye requires a patch.. tho sounds like you are wearing one already... PIRATE SWORDS!