Why are S&W bad knives?

Dec 15, 1999
I just purchased a SWAT through knifecenter. I can see nothing wrong with it. In fact it is probably one of the coolest knives I've ever owned. Can someone please fill me in on why everybody bad-mouths them?
Design Plagiarism.

James Segura
San Francisco, CA

I would also like to ask the members who reply to this to please if you own one of these knives or if you have had any experience with them
I was given one as a gift and I sold it, I think. The liner was very thin. The handles were kinda slick. Beyond that, it wasn't too bad a knife, just not my style.

Clay Fleischer
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For me, the main reason is: 420-j2 steel...absolute junk! It's great for high volume MFG because it grinds like butter thats been left out all day in the Arizona sun in July.

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Serator, in the past 4 mo. or so, I've bought
12 SW2000B SWAT knives. I resell them to
members of my gun club, who simply love them.
And these guys are hardcore hunters/outdoors-
men, most of whom own several hunting style
folders and fixed blades. I've shown these
guys BMs, Kershaws, etc. - but they prefer
the S&W. Every knife I've bought has been
razor sharp out of the box, with no blade-
play in any direction. I wish my BMs were as
sharp. I think the plagiarism angle is over-
stated, as design-mimicry runs rampant in the
knife industry. SW2000B: a great $ value at
only $28.50. I need to order 2 more.

Serator, i have owned and sold several SW swat knives. No one has complained to me about them at all. I sold 2 SW1000 autos to a friend of mine. One was used and he had Bill Moran sharpen it and my friend was impressed with the steel it was made with! I have owned the SW 1250 and have sold several of them to friends. No complaints at all.

That has got to come close to the funniest mental scene I have had for quite a while. Bill Moran sharpening a S&W knife. Talk about polishing a turd. I am still cleaning the coffee off the keyboard.

Thanks for the laugh.