Why are swords so expensive?

So, you see, I appreciate the sword for its balance, the quality of the blade, the purpose for which it was designed, and most particularly, for its history. A $2,000 custom blade would be of no great value to me for I would always consider what real sword I could own for that sum. Good quality historical replicas of swords produced in the early 19th century would have even less value to me because I could get the real deal for the same price, or only a bit more. A replica is always a replica, fine or not, of the real, original sword. I would rather look at a blade that is stained from time and ponder where it has been than hold something that was admittedly a work of art but is younger than my dog. Swordsmiths who built swords when swords were of real, deadly use draw me more.

But, not all swords produced today are replicas. Many, by the most innovative and skilled smiths, are modern in design and execution. I understand that you choose antiques for your reenactments, but there are smiths today producing new swords that rival and surpass anything found in history.