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Why can't I just MAKE UP my MIND?

Nov 12, 1998
That jerk ADaM has gotten me thinking about the mini-SOCOM... argh, I can't resist!

So, now I'll ask you all to chime in on the mini-SOCOM.


=- A confused Dan who just wants to lay down some cash on a knife, already

The Mini Socom is a well made knife. My only beef is the handle size and shape. My hands are not that big but the knife just does not feel quite right in my hand. I really like the regular Socoms (my fav factory user auto). If you are considering carrying a knife of this size try the Leopard Cub too. It runs considerably less (as it should; it does not have the beefy well executed lock nor as many parts), but it sure handles better for me. This is not a knock on the Mini. I have two in my collection, and have sold quite a few, and I'll get more when the autos and tanto's arrive.

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Hi Dan,

IMHO the Mini SOCOM and its bigger brother are two of the best production folders going today. The Mini is a perfect knife to carry if you like mid-size folders. It seems to blend in well with either a suit or casual dress. Overall size is good for tackling most utility cutting chores indoors and out.

I like the way these knives are built - excellent machining work and superb fit. The ball detent on these knives work very well. you can almost feel it grab the blade shut. MicroTech has a good reputation in the production knife industry for producing top notch manual folders. C'mon - go ahead and splurge!

Dexter Ewing
Knife Reviews Moderator

"The keystroke is mightier than the sword"

I'm a recent owner of the mini socom, great knife, very nice. I don't seem to have any problems with the handle like some people complain about it. It feels great in a sabre grip. Very good size for everyday chores, great lockup action. I don't have any complaints about the mini socom.
Where is the clip on the Mini-Socom?? Doesn't the knife ride alittle high in the pocket?? Compared to the AFCK. I may be wrong. I might be thinking of a different knife. Someone chime in and correct me please.
The knife would be great if you had small
hands. But the full size SOCOM is the knife to own. I thinks its the best production knife next to the stryker and leopard cub (I am with Gus on this one the the fit is not there) Gus how are Ya