Why carry a neck knife??

Jul 2, 1999

I am interested in hearing all the benefits of carrying a knife knife over a folder.

If you had to convince somone that they should get a neck knife what would be your reasons. Just curious. Thanks.


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Carrying a knife around the neck is convenient. Many folders are carried in neck sheaths.
I prefer a fixed blade, neck knife over a folder for many reasons....
No need to open, just draw and use. No chance of malfunctioning locks. Light weight VS strength. A skeltonized neck knife is very light and very strong.
I like the size of a neck knife for comfortable IWB carry also.

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I`d say the main benefit is that it`s NOT a folder! (Unless you`re carrying a folder in a neck sheath, which I`ve never seen the point of doing.) Also, it`ll save your pants from having clip wear on all the pockets.

For me, I carry a folder because it it doesn`t attract a lot of attention in my pocket. A neck knife screams "HEY LOOK AT ME!!! I HAVE A KNIFE AROUND MY NECK!!!!" (Unless you carry it under your shirt, if you can do that sort of thing legally.)
I don't really understand neck knives either. I mean, don't most people wear it under their shirts, semi-concealed for "self-defense"? And if so, wouldn't you feel kinda nervous pulling a very sharp object across your chest in a stressful situation? I like the idea of a small fixxed blade, but not around my neck.

Also, it seems the many neck knife sheaths are sold with paracord to go around your neck...aren't asking to get strangled but your own chord?

I don't know...maybe I just don't understand enough. Please give more info.

I like being able to carry a knife without worrying about the pants pocket thing, for when I don't wear pants (you know biking, sweats/shorts, or when I feel particularly cheeky).

Of course the most tactical use of my knife would be in the attack and dismemberment of an apple....

Actually, I rarely wear a "neck knife" around my neck, except when I am fishing. The thing I like about neck knives is that it is a small sheathed fixed blade that can be comfortably slipped into my jacket or pants pocket. Another carry option is to tuck into the waistband and wrap the cord several times around the belt. You pull on the handle, the sheath will come out a bit but the cord will stop it and the knife is deployed.


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Why carry a folder in a neck sheath? Well it's summer down here and I'm on holiday, haven't worn anything other than a T-shirt and draw string shorts for the past month. My BF Native or G10 Harpy in their River City sheaths hang very comfortably under a T-shirt, are readily accessible and don't scare people when I draw them. Actually the last bit's not quite true, there were a few raised eyebrows when I forgot myself and did a quick drop opening of the Native during Christmas dinner
. That turkey was so tough I thought it was still alive


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whats up people, i own 3 Woo's bye newt livesay, and i always carry one under my shirt, at work, or even at home sometimes, but simply put, it's just another back up knife. If i was in a deadly situation, and all other means necessary to protect myself, i would whip out my Delica, and M16-04, they are quicker, and yes, i do trust the locks. Well, thats my opinion.

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I am going to get a neck knife probably a rekat hobbit fang just for back up or general utility. i also like the fact that the sheath has a clip that can be positioned in many diffeent ways or just worn like a regular old neck knife

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I love neck knives! I'm wearing one of Newt Livesay's Woo knives right now! Why? It's light, sharp, small, concealed, and it's FIXED! I can deploy a neck knife faster than a folder, and it's stronger than any folder out there. Just remember to leave your shirts untucked!

As far as cutting yourself when drawing a neck knife: all you have to do is pull away from your body when deploying. Down and away folks! Also, tons of practice also helps.

I've worn a Nealy Pesh Kabz, Livesay Woo and Little Pecker, CS Paraedge, CRKT Bear Claw and KISS around my neck at one time or another(and I hate wearing necklaces!) and I've never had a problem. Which to wear: paracord or ball chain? How about both? Thread a ball chain through a hollowed out paracord and you have the best of both worlds. Although if someone tried to choke me if I wore a paracord necklace I'd stab him with the knife I'm wearing in my front pocket!

Bud Nealy offers his knives with his world famous MCS sheath; if you get tired of wearing your knife around your neck, then you have a lot of options on somewhere else to wear it.
Um MrG, why did you just admit to having a little pecker? Just kidding, I couldn't pass that up

I don't like neck knives all that much. I have seen some that are very nice knives, but I wouldn't carry one around my neck. I'd never be able to stand the string around my neck for 1 thing, and the sheath bouncing around would bug the hell out of me. I tuck my shirts in too so it wouldn't be very handy to use. I like the idea of a small fixed blade though. I would just rather carry it on my belt.

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An idea on threading the ball chain through paracord with the insides removed: It would probably be a good idea to make sure the cord is in several pieces, as opposed to just one. More likely to let the ball chain break. Otherwise, it seems to me that now you have a cord strong enough to strangle you if you get it caught in the right place, but with a metal core that is going to make it harder to cut through with the knife.

Just a thought.

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I'm usually have a BM705BT in my pocket (2.9" blade). A larger blade is handy, though, so I also carry a Pat Crawford Kasper neck knife. Don't have any intention of using it as a defensive weapon, but the larger blade is sometimese needed. Mainly, it's a convenience thing for me.

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The only reason I carry a neck knife is because it is easier to get to and use than a folder. The folder I carry in my rt. front pocket is the sharpest and is used only when required. I use elk hide lace for a necklace with no fear of strangulation or loss. When in a sitting position, most people will never notice the knife until it is being used. The most useful knife in the world is the one you carry.

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Gutted paracord with a ballchain inside is perfectly safe, unless the chain is some outrageously strong piece. Been wearing my dogtags like that for over 20 years doing Army stuff without incident. Just don't put anything too valuable on the chain--I've lost several sets of tags over the years from unexpected and undetected breakages.
I used to swear by a neck knife I always carried one as a back up to my folder. I have both a CRK&T KISS knife and a Rekat Utility which i still like as a blade but failed to stay in it's sheath and I was running for the bus. I felt somethin slip out of my shirt and go clinking down the street as i scurried to pick it up before the cops saw it and bagged my sorry ass. I still like the rekat but ever since it fell out I have found it far more advantageos to carry either two folders or a folder and a boot knife. I doubt I will carry a neck knife again unless someone can make a kydex or concealex sheath where I don't have to worry about the knife slipping out.
I am going to connect the belt clip for the rekat. Incidentally it's the rekat that fell out I think the problem is that the CRK&T is lighter by comparrison.