Why do you carry what you carry?


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Feb 25, 1999
I was just reading the "What do you Carry?" thread, and it crossed my mind that another important issue is why we carry what we carry. Do you carry a knife because it looks tough? Because it looks nonthreatening? Because it has a great clip? Because the blade shape is good for utility? You get the idea.

All I usually carry is my Leatherman Pocket tool. The leather pouch does a good job of keeping it accessible but out of the way, it doesn't scare anyone (except when I flip the pliers open like a balisong
), I like the tools (especially the screwdrivers), and I find that the blade is enough for most utility cutting tasks -- opening packages/mail, slicing cheese, trimming fingernails, etc. The non-threatening issue is a big one for me because my college campus does not allow knives. If I carried around my Balisong, or Emerson CQC-7, campus security would be justified in busting me, but so far they haven't bothered for my Leatherman.
I generally carry one of the following, depending on my mood:
1) Spyderco Endura: cheap (relatively), great feel, non-threatening. A hard worker. Currently out of action due to a broken clip. :-(
2) Spyderco Calypso: Currently my #1 choice. Super, SUPER sharp, nice looks, but a little on the big side. I don't like to work it as hard as my Endura because it is a nicer knife.
3) Rob Simonich Cetan Tanto- I built this from a kit, so it has personal value. A great little fixed blade. Probably illegal, so I don't carry it frequently.
4) Victorinox SAK- the one with two blades, a corkscrew, two scredrivers, a punch, tweezers and toothpick. Lots of tools and very compact. I carry this when I am feeling nostalgic!
I think I posted that I was carrying a custom David Boye Prophet Companion folder and a REKAT Pioneer drop point.

I carry the David Boye folders because they are sharp and beautiful to my eyes. The thin dendritic 440C blade cuts very well and holds an edge well too. I have two favorites, one with black Micarta handle scales and a Humpback whale etched in the blade, and the other with burned bone scales and a Chinese dragon etched on both sides of the blade.

The REKAT Pioneer I carry because it is a tuff mutha of a folder. It is hecka' strong, and has excellent ergonomics. It can toe the line as a heavy duty cutting tool, or a defensive tool. I wouldn't be reluctant to attempt to bust up anything with it.

My other most frequent carries are the Mad Dog Lab Rat, David Boye Custom hunter, and the Benchmade 710 Axis lock. All of which I carry because they embody the same virtues of the knives described above. They are tough, reliable, cut very well, and I think they are beautiful.

I carry a BM Stryker for all the normal tasks. I always try to keep one of my old-fashioned Hammer brand knives around in case I:
Need a knife when cops are around(I'm pretty sure the Stryker is legal, but why chance it.
Need to lend a knife to someone. People seem to be easily frightened by the BT2 coating and confused by the liner-lock.
I also have a CS mini-pal on my key-chain. I rarely use the blade, but it provides a nice gpir for the keychain.

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