why does it take so long?

Jun 19, 2001
josh told me he sent my knife out on monday 3 weeks ago... why does it take so damn long?
Canada Customs. By law, they can hold back and inspect incoming package weighing more than 30 grams. Pain in the ass.
my frend told me that the customs "CANNOT" open gifts.... is this true? if it is.. why doesnt josh send them all wrapped as a gift? :)
AJ: It's not that Customs can't inspect gifts, it's that gifts can't be taxed. Or at least, that's how it used to be.

B-man: "Whaddaya mean, 'strip-search?'" :D
Dancin' Dot guy: Because the brown truck is a watched pot. You're not trying to boil water as well, are you? :)
3 weeks and 4 days... i cant go any longer..... i have a sick feeling ill get that letter azn johnny got..