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Why does paracord shrink when it is soaked?

i thought ya wet it to loosen it up some and when it dried it shrunk a little,
Wrap it when it's wet and it will shrink when it dries.

"Nylon is the main fiber used in modern rope construction. It is very strong, resistant to abrasion, and has the ability to absorb shock forces that many other fibers cannot. Nylon rope is very sensitive to acids but resistant to alkalis. Unfortunately, when nylon rope is wet, it will lose approximately 10% to 15% of its strength. It will also absorb up to 7% water. It is stable up to 100 degrees celsius and starts to melt at 215 degrees celsius. "
quote "http://www.seaairthai.com/content/view/20/9/"

it's absorbs water when wet, gaining a small fraction of lenght and will loose the excess water when dried shrinking a few %