why have I not seen Axis vs. Pinnacle posts?

Apr 7, 1999
Whenever a post comes up regarding good Benchmade folders, it is usually about the Axis 710 or something with this lock. The mono lock pinnacle has an equivalant price, so why aren't there any posts comparing the two? I want to buy a mono lock, but it scares me when no body talks about the knife I am interested in.
I can't compare the Axis to the Pinnacle, but there has been a lot of information on the Monolock v. other Integral lock folders. Benchmade did recently "revise" the design of the Monolock, but you will have to go to the knife review section and set the way back machine for the beginning of the year to get the whole story. It seems the integral design is very difficult to perfect, and has to be modifed to work on a production level. It is, at best, a bastardized version now.

Benchmade themselves have not been pushing the Monolock very much, but they did say plans are in the works for a "mini-mono", perhaps as soon as next year. But with three Axis lock knives and counting, I wouldn't hold your breath.

I use the Pinnacle for a work knife and have found it to be great for any task I have asked of it. Today while cutting fuel line it was soaked in diesel fuel then dropped from a 6 foot height into a pool of hydralic fluid mixed with calcium cloride(liquid salt). After I reterived it I sprayed it clean with spray brake cleaner.At the end of the day I washed it in water and oiled it down and you could not tell it had been used. One tough knife.
The only cons I have found is the lock is sticky some times.Opening is super smooth after a break in period and the blade shape lends its self to most any utility task.
Mine is the old style with the wider lock,the newer thinner lock may not be so sticky.
I would recommend the Pinnacle.Before all you Sebenza fans jump in I also own a Sebenza(large)and love it but just can't bring my self to abuse it like I do the Pinnacle.
The intergal lock is a strong reliable lock that would be very hard to defeat "under normal use".
BTW also have an Axis 710 and it is also great.
The Pinnacle is not often talked about but is a very good knife,but any discussion usually leads to a Pinnacle-v-Sebenza debate.
For a strong,reliable,reasonably priced knife the Pinnacle is a good choice.

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"Why have I not seen Axis vs. Pinnacle posts?"

Well, looks like you just made one;-)

The only things that the MonoLock and the Axis-Lock really have in common is that they are both from Benchmade and make us of the same blade material.

Although they are different in design, I suppose they can be compared as to which would suit you better for certain tasks, let's give that a whirl.

Axis-Lock: Every new lock has a first model it is used in, it is in good fortune that the Axis-Lock has such fantastic company this first time off the blackboard. The Axis-Lock is very comfortable, entirely pleasing to look at (you will notice that the curve of both ends of the blade continue to the handle with nobumps, completely seemless), and lends itself to some very utilitarian tasks very well. This knife isn't a fighting knife, but it could be said it also isn't a utility knife. It can be held, at least in my hand, in every position comfortably and easily. The fit and finish of the handle is very good, the G-10 is refined at the edges and has a very good medium grit texure. The lock is, well, it's as close to perfect as I think I am going to see in a long time. It is magnificent, my fingers steer clear of the blade at all times while closing, and the strength is evident when the lock engages for the very first time: This is a seriously strong design and is very easy to use. A true winner.

The MonoLock is a very good knife as well, but I think that it does emplo some design flaws that make it a bad choice for my personal use; The choice as to if it wil be good for YOU is, as always, in the end left up to you.

The handle is not a very comfortable one, the lines are somewhat bulky and I do not like how the traps my comfortable handling choices to only the hammer grip. I am not pleased with that fact, it alone makes the knife a bad choice for me in my book. You will need to hold one yourself to see if it is right for you. The lock is damn strong, it really does stick quite a bit, but I have never seen the need for a fast closing knife, once I open a knife I am going to be using it is going to stay opened for a little while... Fast losing isn;t a concern in my book, it can be one hand or two for all I care.

All in all, I would say the Axis-Lock is the real winner here, it took the lime light away from the Mono-Lock for a reason you know... It's more revolutionary, that is a given. But, in my opinion, it really is just plain better.

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The Axis is great. Much has been said of it. Feel wise it is like a race car.

The Pinnacle is solid and strong, but I really think it is worth the stretch to go up to the Sebenza. But if Sebenza dollars is out of the question I feel confident that the Pinnacle would do the job.

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I've got both and I definitely prefer the Axis. Two reasons - I trust the lock more, in part due to the second reason. I'm left-handed.

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Glad to see you people like the axis lock. I broke down and put an order in for the 705 mini axis lock w/black-t finish today, should be in my hands by the middle of next week.

Do you guys have any praises or gripes about the 705? I have 2 Emerson commanders in the Black-T and the satin finish and I can feel that the Black-T finish is smoother to open than the satin finished blade. Do you think it will be the same with the BM 705?

Ross T.
I have a black plain edge 705. I like it very much. It is small compared to my Pinnacle, but the Pinnacle was too big for a carry knife, for what I generally use a knife for. If I was camping, etc. then the Pinnacle would be a better size. The edge on the 705 is not sharpened to the handle. If you try to sharpen it all the way and go less than 20 degrees you will grind away the opening studs. It has almost a full spacer, which is great. It makes the knife rigid. The blade does not have a recurve, which is good. I don't understand the hype about recurved edges. It you sharpen it by hand a lot, it will develop a recurve anyway. It has a high sabre grind, which is not as good as a full flat grind, but is okay. The blade has very little play. The washers could be a little thinner and of a larger diameter. It has an opening stud on both sides, unlike my Pinnacle. It is my favorite carry knife.


I was wondering if you ment to say: Pinnacle vs. Sebenza. ?
I for one like the Pinnacle.
If the Carnivour had not come out, my Pinnacle would be riding almost full time in my right pocket while my Axis rides the left.
Contrary to what I'm hearing, my Pinnacle speciman locks perfectly, has a great heat treat, is compact for a full size blade and feels REALLY great in my hand. The locking mechanism is confidence inspiring in it's strength and simplicity.
I now understand why the Sebenza camp here on BF is so fired up about this design. Not that the Pinnacle is a Sebenza twin or anything like that, but they do share design features.
To me, the Pinnacle is a poor man's Sebenza.

Somehow I get the feeling that I'm gonna get flamed to a smoking pile of misque ashes for that statement but oh well, it is the way I feel about the Pinnacle.

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I think a lot of people have decided that liner locks are strong enough for normal use and are addicted to that "click!"

Not to say the Axis is not an excellent innovations.