Why I don't own a smaller multitool

I'm not sure who engineered these things, but starting with the Micra and then carrying over to the SOG "cross (something)" and now to even the Buck Mini-tool, I've noticed the conspicuous absence of a can opener on these tools. Why on Earth would someone set out to design such multi use "tool" and not even put a can opener on it? To me, this is poor engineering, to say the least. I guess I'll continue to carry my Victorinox Tinker for a few more years yet.
This brings to mind a suggestion, though-
how about convincing one of these companies to make a "Bladeforums" edition mini tool with the addition of a can opener, perhaps instead of the fingernail file or the cap lifter?

Jedi, its not exactly a multi toolbut the Kershaw modified talon has a opening notch that doubles as a bottle opener. The really nice thing about it is you don't have to open the knife to use it. I already had one picked up a spare from the blade forums store for only $44.95 half of what I paid for the first. Its a great knife at a great price.


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Oct 3, 1998
I agree with Jedi. You don't have to be very imaginative to see how a can opener might come in handy in a pinch. My favorite "end of the world as we know it" scenario includes my SwissTool and me, fat and happy with Spaghetti-O's sauce dripping down my chin, in a supermarket beseiged by zombies in black robes with no pockets.

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Hey guys, it seems like Jedi was talking about the Micra-style tools. He wasn't talking about the bigger multitools, all of which do have can openers.

The micra-style tools are keychain tools, and their whole point is to be compact and light. I wonder, right off the bat, if this small size and lightness precludes having enough strength to be able to open very many large cans without snapping.

I think the logistics of adding a canopener to a micro tool is also challenging. It's gotta be big enough that you can make reasonable-sized strokes. But you really don't want to make the tool much bigger if you're going to market it as a generally keychain-carry tool.

These small tools are supposed to do a small job without having to run around the house. Opening a can with such a small tool is never really a small job. Given a reasonable size can, I can almost certainly walk into the living room and open it with the electric can opener or even the regular-sized manual can opener faster than I can open it with a micro-tool. Hell, I can probably go into a another room and open it with my full-size multitool faster than I can open with with that tiny micro-tool.

As a result, I'm not too unhappy with the lack of a can opener. Besides the fact that I rarely seem to open a can outside the kitchen (as opposed to needing scissors or screwdrivers or bottle openers), I feel the compactness of a micro-tool probably is good reason to leave the can opener off.


I like the Kershaw Talon, But I have little use for a cap lifter. Take care!


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I've got a P-38 on my keychain, right next to the Micra.
I also have a Swisstool on the belt for really big cans.

I will say that the P-38 is more than worth it's weight in gold.

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Wow that's a vivid picture you paint, kind of reminds me of the "Night of the Meteor" movie. The frightening scenario I had in mind involved the pop-top breaking off of my can of pears during breaktime at work while hungry, very hungry. (Now THAT's pretty frightning!)

I agree with you, the P38 is a marvelous little item- I remember my father carried one on his keyring for years. I guess there aren't as many around now since our military stopped using the "C" rations. It's hard to believe a large tool manufacturer like Leatherman couldn't incorporate a can opener into their Micra, though, seeing as how the P38 is as small as it is.

I agree that these little key chain tools should have a can opener (I have a micra and a P38 on my key chain). Oh well, I guess I'll just have to keep carrying the P38 (I've carried it for 31 years now).

Mmmmm...supercharged twin Allison engines...four .50 Brownings...20mm for extra fun...I wish I had a P-38 on MY key chain


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I brought home 3 items from 2 years of participation in the unplesantness in Southeast Asia in the 60's.
A USMC issue K-Bar,a nylon poncho liner and a P-38 can opener. Still use them almost daily.The P-38 is on a paracord neck cord with a Micra.
It is the best tool you can get for 50 cents at the local surplus outlet.If everything worked as well in this world we would truly be an advanced socity.

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I, too, carry a P38 to supplement my Micra, which I carry to supplement my Super Tool (!) Of course the ST has a serviceable can opener, but redundancy at so little cost in weight, space and expense is irresistable.
I came by my 6 P38s in the last years of the 50s. It seemed to be just about the most elegant design you could imagine for such a thing; simple, effective and cheap. I was impressed enough to collect them. They were distributed in every 4th B unit, which was a box containing C ration main course, canned cake/fudge/cocoa (insoluable), toilet paper, cigarettes and other stuff. The theory,
I suppose, was that with enough distribution, sooner or later everyone would have a P38 of his own. Many guys carried them on their dogtags, I toted mine in my plastic coin purse and still do. They and a GI prayer book are the only of a few souvenirs from my army days that I still have.

Interesting to note how many guys on this forum do the Micra/P38 bit and how many got them GI.
Jedi, I agree. I picked up a Mini-Buck, hoping it might replace my SAK Tinker. Not even close. It is a handy keychain addition, but that is about it. I wish a manufacturer would come up with a pocket sized multi-tool, something about 50% larger than the Mini Buck. Leatherman has a version with folding handle extensions, but I wasn't overly impressed with the tool selection that came with it (no Philips - if I remember correctly).

Does anyone know of a midsized multi-tool, that still has pliers, a couple of sizes of flat screwdrivers, a Philips, can and bottle opener?

Bill (Yes, we carry knives in Canada - we need them to fight off the polar bears and militant Eskimos ;) )

Have you seen the 400series Gerber multilock? It is indeed midsize. I really like the SOG cross grip, but I will never buy one seeing how they didn't have enough foresight to include a can opener. But be sure to check out the 400 series Multilock, it sounds like what you're looking for.

I bought a Gerber 400 Compact Sport a while ago. It feels like the right size for me. Large enought for a proper grip, but goes in the belt pouch without noticing. It has can and bottle opener, and scissors that was my requirement. Ossi
P-38? I guess you could put it on a keychain using the lanyard loop. Still I would hate for it to go off in my pocket. Would a smaller Walther be better? Maybe a PPK?

(Sorry, all. I really am.)

It doesn't seem like it would be too difficult to add a P-38 style opener to a Micra. I wouldn't mind using the main blade. Done that a few times.

The Gerber plier-tools' can and bottle openers have a fatal flaw -- they face the wrong way. If the tool opened wider it wouldn't be an issue (the can opener, admittedly works better than the bottle opener). Am I getting my point across? Let me know if I am not making sense (again

In addition to my Micra and small Sebenza, I always carry a Victorinox Scientist (more for the full-size inline phillips head than for anything). Instead of the standard separate can opener and cap lifter, it has a "combo tool" that is supposed to be both. I tried it once to open a can and determined that I would be better off using the knife blade.

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Just FYI, they still make P-38 style can openers for the military for the T rations (which serve something like 18 people).

They are a bit longer, but still work, and the length makes them easier to use.

You can get them from a variety of the surplus stores, I think I saw them in a Cheaper than Dirt or Ranger Joes catalog.


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