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why is BM retiring the AFCK??


Jan 31, 2001
noticed that BM is retiring the AFCK - i guess cuz a prob w/spyderco?? i bought 1 and seems to be great - will write a review in a month or so when i wring it out lol - but just wondering why they retire such a good seller, and have always liked the look - fits my hand great - and i dont like the funky 1's they replaced it with - dont like the oblong hole vs round - just a personal thing - but i'm glad i sprung for it - they always discontinue things i like it seems
They didn't retire the AFCK, it is still there, just with a redesigned hole.

I don't know why they did that, pissed me off actually. I like the hole and think the oval not only looks dumb, but it makes it less useful.

Since the AFCK was one of the 3 knives that I kept buying from BM on a consistant basis, and the only one I used heavily, guess it's time to move on and find a new company for good user blades.
I heard they were going to come out with an Axis Lock AFCK.

I wish.

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I may be wrong, but BM changed the hole because the licensing agreement w/Spyderco to use a round hole expired, and Spyderco does not renew the licensing agreement, after it has elapsed...



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As I understand it, Spyderco's patent on using a hole on the blade for an opening device recently expired. Benchmade was paying licensing fees while the patent was in place. Spyderco still has rights on a circular hole, but not on any other shapes. Benchmade's change to a non-circular hole would appear to be based on economics (no licensing fees).

One reason for the change <em>may</em> have been that the license was for a very specific design and it couldn't be altered, and now Benchmade wanted to make some other change.

As for the patent expiring, normally that means something is free for everyone to use. In this instance, I understand Spyderco registered it as a trade mark. I don't understand why not everyone with a useful patent does if one can do things like that when they expire.
I think that people are probably correct in thinking that the reason for the change was to avoid a licensing fee.
As to why all patents are not trade marked when the patent runs out, something trade marked must be easily recognized as having come from that company or person. That means that you can trade mark a hole, the sound of a Harley Davidson motor, the name of a company or product etcetera. You can not trade mark something that would not be easily recognized as having come from the patent holder. That is why Spyderco could only trade mark the round hole not all holes that appear in blades.

I do not profess to know all the intricacies of the laws involved here, and boy this has been a rather long winded explanation of something the original poster did not even ask about. Enough said, bye.