Why isn't Mission Knives as popular as MD?

Daniel L

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Nov 2, 1998
There is a lot of loyalty with the Mad Dog users, but there seems to be little noise from Mission Knives users. Perhaps it is just that there aren't many of us that require a titanium alloy knife, unless we do a lot of diving or just for the "collection".

Based on the developmental history of the MPK detailed at www.missionknives.com it is closely "related" to the ATAK.

Now that Mission is offering A2 steel MPKs for around $200, I guess we will see an explosion of MPK owners. Even better, the idea of an INFI MPK sounds mighty tempting (or even an O1 differentially tempered MPK?)

Mission Knives? Mission Knives? Hmmmmm.....

New company?
Maybe it is the same reason apples are more popular than oranges.....or is it the other way around?

Seriously, Mission and Mad Dog have been, until recently, addressing different markets.
And while we are fantasizing, why not a stainless MD folder ?
Anyway, I cannot see either company using Infi steel for a while. Busse seems to have a very big investment in it.

Brian W E
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Actually Mission is not a new company. I think it's more that Mad Dog Knives has a much more agressive advertising campaign and has been around longer. Both make knives which are in actuall use by military units and both cater to a small market. There is no doubt that mad dog knives will hold an edge longer. However, toughness should be equall with maybe even a little of more so on the mission knives and corrosion is by far the biggest attribute to the mission knives(weight is also on mission knives side, but many don't consider weight an issue). Funny thing is that the mission MPK and the Mad Dog ATAK knives are so similar in design it's rediculous. I have never heard a bad word about either knife or company and along with busse knives they all are front runners for the toughest knives available. Since I really like the feel of the MPK, I'm sure it would be no different with the ATAK.

If you want a titanium version of the ATAK, get the MPK and if you want a steel version of the MPK get the ATAK.
Mission has just released steel versions of their entire line (in preproduction stages now), so you should be seeing a lot more of them in the near future.

Price point for the steel MPK is going to be around $200, and this knife feels very nice in the hand. So, all things being equal, you are going to see a lot more press about Mission quite quickly.


Kevin Jon Schlossberg
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Thanks for all of your kind words and support.

Daniel L. - We kept getting the same accusations from the "other" camp, so I decided to tell the true story behind where the MPK came from. This has really helped set the story straight.

Brian - so true. Until now, we have been addressing different markets. We recently produced a survey that was sent out to about 300 or so of our email subscribers asking a number of questions which 98% of the surveys came back. (This really is a great industry with a lot of great people.) This is an unheard percentage since it actually required a written sentence or two to answer each of 10 questions. Mission really does have great customers. Anyway, the one thing that we kept seeing was "listen you knuckleheads at Mission, PRODUCE A STEEL MPK!"

OK, so we did. We think we did all of our homework correctly (A2 steel selection, Kydex sheath, etc.) and will be entering the "high end-heavy duty" steel knife market, and be shipping our first MPKs in about a month and a half. The kydex sheath is the long pole in the tent, but, it will be built right.

We looked at costing and pricing from 15 different angles, and we can't figure out why a steel knife like this one should cost the consumer any more than about $200.00. This seems to be a price that is fair to the consumer and gives us enough money to cover our overhead and profit. Any more and we feel we would be ripping off the consumer.

Performance - I think the A2 MPK will hold its own against O1. Jerry Busse said it at the SHOT show - "at RC58, A2 is a very tough knife, it is hard to beat."

Walt Welch - with comments like that, we will have to kick you off of these Forums (just kidding).

Spark - I think you are correct. With this $200 A2 MPK, I just had a talk with John Moore and told him to "HOLD ON, its going to be a very fast ride!"

Anyway, thanks to all for your continued support, and we feel proud to be able to bring you a quality product.

Could you check your email and get back to me about my MPF so I can continue to be a member of the Mission family?
Whatever you do, Rick, DON'T LET NAM VIET HO HAVE THAT #1!!!!

In three months you'll ask to use it for an ad and he'll reply, "Oh, I wanted something unique so I mounted the blade in one of those kubotans with the screw-off top."

NamViet Ho: I really am kidding. How about a combo sheath to carry your folding MD with your screw-apart kubotan MPK? The ultimate in unique tacticals?

Steel MPK? Just when I thought I was done buying knives for a while.

You guys are about to make a big SPLASH! John has had my reservation for a 10 3/8" MPK-SS plain edge Al Ni Nitride coated A2 since 13 January. Awesome piece that!


Titanium bladed knives are geared towards a select clientel. Mission is held in very high regard by those who needs fit that profile. Sales to SpecOp and Ordinance Disposal types has been extraordinary. Now that they are gearing up to address the rest of us, stand by. The name Mission will soon be tossed about with the likes of MD, Busse, etc who produce great solid fixed blades.


I did NOT escape from the institution! They gave me a day pass!

Thanks to all. We built 3 preproduction sets (12", 10-3/8", and 9-1/2"). After this, all will be production. The pre-prods were shown at the SHOT show, and I couldn't believe the instant popularity of these knives, especially the 10-3/8". As Spark and Mike said, this is the perfect length, fit and balance, and just begs to be taken out and chop something down with. I too am very happy with how these knives turned out.

One pre-prod set has been broken up, the other 2 are in-tact. We might sell these as sets, I'm not sure yet.

I do have one question concerning false edges...this run of Steel MPKs will be built as an exact duplicate as the titanium MPK - including false edge. Looking at Busse and MadDog, most of their knives do not include a false edge. What are your thoughts? Should we continue with false edges for the production steel MPKs, or remove the false edge on future production runs?

What do you think? Your comments and feedback are very important to us.

I think that I will move this up one level on the main discussion page...

Thanks again to all for your continued support.

What is the warrenty policy on the Titanium MPK and is the A2 version going to be any different?


Keep the false edge! Let us know when these are available - heck I'll drive up from San Diego to get one.

I made it to the SHOT SHOW this year and must say that your booth was one of the great finds for me. Your knives are built and priced right to be real winners for you, your dealers and, customers alike.


I've e-mailed you and John regarding your survey about the false edge and other issues.