Why I've picked the PST II

Apr 30, 1999
After reading every review in cyberspace I've finally bought a Leatherman PST II this past week. I've already used it a bunch too. The local LOWE'S is moving to a bigger store and I got it on clearance too. I was thinking about a SwissTool but I needed scissors plus it's heavy and I don't need a wood saw. I've been carrying a micra but I hate a bunch of crap on my keychain so I gave it to my wife. I do have the original PST but the phillips screwdriver sucks because it's closed on me a lot. The new style on the PST II works great even though it doesn't lock. The LM SuperTool is also too bulky for me and has tools I probably wouldn't use like the wood saw and two blades (I never use one blade on a multitool much less 2). The Gerber's seem OK but the phillips is way too short and I've heard they can pinch your hand. So anyway it's the PST II for me. It's got decent pliars, a good phillips head, a bunch of flat heads, a fine/coarse file and SCISSORS!! To carry it I ordered a second small sebenza sheath from CRK since it fit so nice in the one for my sebenza and the leather one that comes with it sucks! So if you're in an urban enviroment check out the PST II. I don't think you can go wrong