WHY serrations??!!

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There are pros and cons on both sides of this issue. In the forums, most will side with no serrations, but in the marketplace, people vote for partial serrations with their pocketbook. </font>

Spyderco says the same thing about marketing. I believe it. "Most" people know that the only knife that still cuts in their kitchen is the serrated knife.

When I first got into folding knives, I thought 1/2 or 60/40 serrated was the way to go.

Then I learned how to sharpen a knife. And then I sold most all of my partially serrated knives (I still have 3 serrated out of 90+ knives).

The "marketplace" is very average. The "marketplace" doesn't know how to sharpen a knife. Seriously.
Just ask your colleagues at work if they even sharpen their kitchen knives. Or if they carry a pocket knife (blue collar types tend to do so).

The forums are not populated by your average user.

I kept a couple serrated knives for that rate occasion when I "knew" I would be cutting fibrous material, that rare place where serrations aren't in the way, where a rough, jagged cut doesn't matter.

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Heres my take on this.I too loved serrations at first,then I learned to sharpen knives the right way and my love turned to like, sometimes.But the average joe who's not into knives(and sharpening) seem to love serrations.When ever Smokey Mountain has knives like the Delica on sale I buy a bunch for the guys at work.They all want 50/50.I'm often asked to sharpen them after they have been used awhile.Well what I always get is a very dull plain edge(more so at the tip)but the serrations still cut.This is why I think guys like the serrations.1 most knife users don't sharpen their knives nearly as much as us.2the serrations still keep cutting=3.serrations are better(in their mind).