Why should someone buy an Osprey K/T

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  1. Osprey Knife & Tool

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    Jun 4, 2014
    I would like to hear you guy's opinions and thoughts on why you, or why you think someone should buy one of my knives. I could list reasons but, I think coming from you guy's would have more weight. Plus I am curious to see what you guy's think. So post up here why you buy one or why you think other people should buy an Osprey K/T.
  2. Taja


    Feb 17, 2014
    very thorough made
    good taste in design of handle - you handles are very high quality and artistic in presentation (except of you are not doing mosaic or hollow pins - why?)
    own style
    comfortable in hand to use
    easy reachable stainless if necessary
    reasonable price ( that getting worse :) )

    JUST LIKE IT - most of collectors reason. first we buying because "I want this" then secondary we find reason "why I spend so much money for the thing I actually do not need (because I already have 10-50-100-1000 similar).
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  3. necrolicious


    Nov 14, 2014
    The thought that went into how your designs will perform for their tasks and the execution behind them really stand out to me. The F&F, materials, and aesthetics all speak for themselves. My first impressions of the Raptor that arrived last night are all positive. It's going to be one of my favorite knives, for more than the fish & small game role I bought it for.
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  4. gusbuster

    gusbuster Gold Member Gold Member

    Aug 30, 2011
    I agree. I buy Chris' knives because I like his attention to detail, impeccable craftsmanship. He's great with wood and synthetics. I like the CPM154, and now he's getting into S35VN, and other metals. The handles just fit my hand perfectly.
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  5. Warrior108

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    Apr 24, 2012
    Because they're dishwasher safe!! (totally joking, do not try this at home)

    Personally speaking .. I buy and like and use Chris' knives because of the quality, fit/finish, their ability to perform and got really hooked because of the ergonomics. I'm guessing that Chris' background and experiences are what come alive in his knives and any that I've tried so far just melt in the hand in various positions whether it is for food prep, general edc use as well as a defensive tool. Given my humid environment, CPM154 is going to do well and its great to see him using other steels like S35VN (another of my favorites). He loves doing tapered tangs which is a preference of mine also. Annnnnd, he's a super nice guy that enjoys doing this and cares that his customers are satisfied.
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  6. Elite_KG

    Elite_KG Gold Member Gold Member

    Aug 7, 2012
    Style of design
    Material of use - stainless steels
    Fit and Finish

    These are the reasons I am basically eclusive to Osprey K&T for my fixed blade needs. Thank you Chris for the product and service you provide. Keep up the excellent work and expression of functional art.
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  7. Panthera tigris

    Panthera tigris Street Samurai Gold Member

    Apr 21, 2012
    For me, it is about attention to detail as well as customer service.

    I have never had an Osprey Knife and Tool product need sharpening upon receipt. It is ready to work right out of the box. One of the pleasures of receiving a new knife from Chris is knowing that you don't need to work on it to make it right.

    Alignment of bolsters and scales - Osprey Knife and Tool blades have a high aesthetic quality, which includes symmetry of liners and scale materials. This improves looks, but also improves handling.

    Lastly, but certainly not least important, Chris is a pleasure to do business with in all respects. He is humble, but responsive and knowledgeable. He takes great pride in his work, and it shows.
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  8. TheAmish1


    Jul 21, 2015
    Short and sweet ....

    I own a lot of high end knives and if you're going to spend the money for a knife you can use, get the best, an OKT !!!!

    All the way with OKT ..... dammit, that didn't rhyme .... OK, here we go ...... All the way with Ospray (I know it's misspelled, that's called poetic license)
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  9. FeralGentleman

    FeralGentleman RansomWildernessCo Dealer / Materials Provider

    Nov 13, 2013
    I can't add much that has not already been said. Fit and finish on the end product has always been excellent. Sharpness out of the box is noticeable and appreciated on a custom product. The attention to detail is a big sign of a true craftsman - he even cuts a small 45 on the paper knife covers to fit with guard lol. Chris, while not taking custom orders, does monitor and act on the wants and preferences of his customers. He seems like the type of man who always has a constant flow of ideas and thoughts geared to his designs, his business and the people interested in his knives. It helps too that he has a lineup of pretty awesome profiles and a great sense at mating various materials to form unique, functional pieces.

    I have been watching his work evolve ever since he was introduced on the FB forums and always enjoyed the knife he added to the Friday fun. I took me a while to jump in and try one myself but I am glad I finally got a OKT. It will be fun to watch him grow and push new ideas and experiment with new things. There are a lot of great knifemakers in the world. Chris is among them - get you an Osprey Knife and Tool!

    Osprey errrday, all the way, A-OK
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  10. Kymedic45


    Apr 28, 2013
    Ok ok im not good with words so here goes.

    I buy OK&T because Chris is a friend. I remeber the 1st time i saw a warhog and apache I knew right then and there i had to have one.

    I messaged chris and told him a bit about myself and that i really Liked UK Wildcats Basketball and told him to let his imagination fly. He later messaged me with some pics.

    Its been down hill ever since. HIS F&F are amazing, his imagination and thoughg process is out of this world. He takes time to talk to and get to know his customers who all become friends.

    I have just purchased my 2nd OK&T and again im afraid it might be to pretty to use lol

    Ive never messed with stainless steels before so im excited to see what all the fuss is about. My UK Wildcat themed knife will never be used lol :)

    Thanks Chris your an amazing craftsman and even better friend.


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  11. cbach8tw

    cbach8tw Gold Member Gold Member

    Jan 9, 2006
    Just the overall shape is striking and the handles look they would just melt in your hand. When I see them, they just look right, great quality and execution. I especially like the Warthog.
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  12. prom52

    prom52 Gold Member Gold Member

    Jan 13, 2014
    Ditto everything everybody else has mentioned........because Chris pours his heart & soul into every knife he crafts.......and it shows !
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  13. Odaon

    Odaon Gold Member Gold Member

    Apr 13, 2009
    If you've made it to my comment and you aren't convinced yet, go back to the top and reread all the comments because you missed something. :D
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  14. Osprey Knife & Tool

    Osprey Knife & Tool Moderator Moderator Knifemaker / Craftsman / Service Provider

    Jun 4, 2014
    I really appreciate everyone taking the time out to share their thoughts on here. I feels pretty good to read all of the qualities you guys see and look for in my work.
    I thought it was cool to see that the things that I focus on in my work is appreciated and seen by others.
  15. Comprehensivist

    Comprehensivist Platinum Member Platinum Member

    Aug 23, 2008
    I held off posting in this thread for a while because I wanted to be sure that I adequately convey how much I appreciate Osprey Knife & Tool knives. I’ll start with the obvious attributes and work through the esoteric things that separate OK&T from other makers in my opinion.

    The attributes I appreciate about OK&T (in no particular order) are:

    - The knives are made start to finish by a single craftsman in the USA.
    - The designs show original thinking rather than being close copies of other makers work. While Chris has said that no specific design is his “flagship” model, I consider his models with the first finger handle depression or finger choil (i.e. Warthog, Raptor, Mamushi, & Razorback) to be his most recognizable signature designs. His weapon / self-defense designs like the Ferox draw from his military experience where he learned what features make that type of knife safe for the users and effective against the enemy.
    - In a handmade knife market that is dominated by; O1, 1095, and A2, I like the fact that Chris uses a lot of stainless like CPM 154 and more recently S35VN. His hand polished or belt finished W2 with hamon is another attractive alternative.
    - I like the fact that Chris hammer textures the flats on his stainless blades rather than taking the easy way out by settling for a mill or tumbled finish. The fact that he tapers tangs on his stainless blades (and other steels) even as thin as 3/32” stock is a huge distinguishing factor to me.
    - As others have stated above, the ergonomics of the handles across all models are impeccable. Supple feeling with lots of sexy curves that mold to your hand like it was made especially for you. All handmade knife makers use belt sanders for shaping and sandpaper for finishing. I believe that the file shaping that Chris does to fine tune the shaping in between those two steps is a key difference in why his handle feel so much better that other makers who bypass that step.
    - The artistic mix of handle and bolster materials along with interesting compound pinstripe combos on some knives really sets his knives apart from the competition.
    - The finished knives exhibit as close to flawless fit and finish as humanly possible, including an edge that is scary sharp from heel to tip. After looking at and handling almost every knife that Chris brought to the Blade Show this year, I could tell that is the standard that he sets for himself. No “good enough” standard at OK&T.
    - The base prices are a very good value for the quality received.

    All those individual attributes are evident, but the whole of them adds up to more than the sum of the pieces to me. Peter mentioned above that Chris pours his heart and soul into making these knives. While I won’t go so far as to say that an inanimate object like a knife has a soul, I definitely feel Chris' passion that went into making it when I use an OK&T knife.

    The best example I can give of that is my experience with the first OK&T knife I bought at the 2015 Blade Show. That knife is a 3/32” CPM 154 Raptor with black canvas micarta scales and red pinstripes. Chris was still fairly new as a knife maker at that point, so I went back to his table several times to check out the knife before finally buying it. My thinking was that it would be “another” Bird & Trout type knife in my collection. After getting back home and comparing the Raptor to the other three B&T knives I had at the time, I realized the Raptor was something truly different and special to me.

    In October 2015, I wrote my thoughts about this knife in the “Models, Tang Types, Steel Thicknesses & Weights” thread on the Fiddleback forum. Here an excerpt of what I wrote there:

    “This knife has taken over the “bird & trout” role for me. I have also discovered that the curve of the blade makes this a handy kitchen knife, particularly for mincing herbs and vegetables.

    This knife is like a Ninja in the way that it has snuck into a respected regular user position and disrupted the balance of power in my collection.”

    My three other B&T knives were all sold shortly after I wrote that. Since then, the Raptor continues to disrupt the balance of power in my collection. Other knives have moved out too as a result of head-to-head comparisons with this knife. It has happened enough that I have nicknamed my Raptor the “"Black Widow”," not just for the black body and red warning stripe, but more so because it has led to the demise of other worthy contenders.


    I think all of us can relate to making purchases that seem to make sense at the time, only to find later that the thrill of ownership quickly wears off after a relatively short time. I know that has been true for me many times. Not for lack of research usually. It’s more because something else has proven to be superior in comparison. I have a small group of possessions that have proven themselves as a joy to use and dependable over an extended period of time. The Osprey K&T Raptor has joined that limited group of tools that bring me tremendous joy to use.


    In closing, I want to make the point another way to express how I feel about Osprey Knife & Tool knives and why you should consider buying one. A perennially popular thread topic on forums like this is, “"If you could have only one knife for the rest of your life, what would it be?”" Most serious knife nuts don’t bite on that topic because it's never going to happen in real life. A more realistic question that could unfortunately happen is, “"If you lost all your knives in a house fire or a burglary, which one would you replace first?"” Even though I have many great hand made knives by Fiddleback Forge, Fletcher Knives, W.A. Surls, Malanika, AA Forge, Robert Erickson, Mareko Maumasi, among others, my answer would be quick and easy. The first knife I would replace would be an Osprey Knife & Tool Raptor. Yeah, I like it that much.

    I purchased two more knives from Chris this year that show even better attention to detail than my first one. There are only more good things to come from Osprey Knife & Tool.

    I encourage anyone still on the fence to buy one and see why I and the others who posted above feel so passionately about what Chris is making.

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  16. Osprey Knife & Tool

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    Jun 4, 2014
    Thank you very much Phil for sharing that. What an Endorsment! I had to take the time to read it a few times over to soak it all up. You have always had a way to convey very well in here what you find in knives. Your comparision threads in my forum and Fiddlebacks forum are amazingly photographed and are chocked full of in depth and comprehensive information.

    I have always appreciated the time and effort you have put into your post and have really enjoyed reading them even when it did not pertain to my work. I appreciate you taking the time to share not only your opinion but your experiences with me and the knives. I look forward to seeing what else you post up in the future here and elsewhere.
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  17. adequacy


    Mar 19, 2014
    "I encourage anyone still on the fence to buy one and see why I and the others who posted above feel so passionately about what Chris is making."

    I've been waiting for the right model to buy and when I see it I'm going for it! This statement pushed me over the edge. I can tell Chris is doing some amazing work and I want to get one of his fine blades in my hands.
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  18. Scotcha


    Oct 25, 2013
    I'm not sure that apart from all other attributes balance has been mentioned. From what I have experienced Chris's knives have an excellent balance point.
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