Why use a hairdryer?

Jul 7, 2000
A lot of you have said that you use a hairdryer to heat your folder's pivot before applying lubricant. What does the added heat do?

I thought that heat causes metals to expand. Wouldn't that prevent the lubricant from getting into smaller spaces?

Thanks in advance
It causes any water to evaporate quicker. It's a method of drying it out before applying a folding knife suitable lubricant.
I use a hairdryer to heat the pivot area of some of my knives which I've been trying this new Militec-1 on as lubrication. Heat the area before application and after application. You can see it change a little as you reheat. I thought it was a little strange too, but you should see the way my LadyHawk opens. Maybe I should say that you need a "slow motion" camera to see the way it opens. With Militec, heating the area to be lubricated works well. Strange but true.