Why YOU need a BF Native

Jan 13, 1999
Now that I have bought all the BF.Com Natives I wanted (six-3 plain, 3 serr), y'all need to snap up the rest.

Here's why:
1. Quality Design - Some may find fault with the blade length/handle ratio and the fact that a very small portion of the opener hole is obscured by the handle. I see those as criticisms in the abstract because (at least for me) the knife works so well in hand. In my book it's one of Spyderco's best designs. Ambidextrous to boot.
2. Quality Materials - Spyderco has shown the way with CPM 440V. Edge retention in my low stress uses so far has been better than expected and far superior to what I have experienced with my BMs in ATS-34. Based on these knives and my Military, this steel is now at the top of my list. The G-10 handle makes the knife feel more substantial in hand compared to the standard Native with an acceptable increase in weight.
3. Quality Construction - No rivets on this puppy. Screwed together like a folder should be. Although some have complained of inadequate lockup, none of mine show it and I'm sure Spyderco will take care of any problems.
4. Unique Combination of Materials - This is a rare opportunity to get your hands on something uncommon at reasonable price. Unlike a white Toyota Camry, you're just not going to see one of these everyday (and neither will your friends).
5. Value for the $$ - I thought long and hard about stocking up the way I did. Although there are many other knives one could buy at this price, try finding one with steel of this quality, built this well for $100.
6 Availability of Concealex neck sheath - Carbon Fiber pattern, custom made for the knife. Don't know how much I'll use it, but it's cool nonetheless.

Lastly, you have to consider the $$ support this provides for the Forum. I'm a heavy user, but a lightweight contributor. This wasn't a major factor for me, but at least whatever small margin there is helps pay for the bits and bytes we all find useful.

Get'm while you can-this is a super piece at an excellent price!

Doug Gray
Nicely put, Doug. Hope the others see this and realize it before it's all gone.

Great little knife. I was a little hesitant at first over the price,(Govt. Employee)but I find this knife to be worth it. I keep looking for blue clips around town, and so far mine is the only one.


Same here, I keep looking for blue clips, but no luck yet. I love my knife also. And its about ready for sharpening also. I've probably cut up over 100 cardboard boxes with mine. Edge holding is great. I also love a good non-black handle.


Salmon Creek Knife Works

Self improvement is a hobby of mine :).

Just got my Native and I find it hard to believe that they haven't all been snapped up. This really is a knife of the highest quality. The materials are top notch and the fit and finish are excellent. The cost to me, what with the current exchange rate and shipping was nearly AUS$200 but, even at that price, I think it was worth every cent.

Apart from the materials used in this knife, I really like the original design. The butt of the handle fits comfortably in the palm of the hand when it is held normally and, when you choke up and use the choil, the handle fills the hand like a much bigger knife. This is a knife which was designed to be used and used hard.

In short, IMHO, anyone who is serious about their knives should think hard about grabbing one of these while they are available as I think you may one day be disappointed if you don't.

Take care,

Don't worry that the world might end tomorrow....in Australia it's tomorrow already.

The original Native is already a bargain. The BF models are gems!