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Wicked G45- any success?

Jan 1, 1999
Well, after more than an hour on some diamond crocksticks, I' ve no success with putting a sharp edge on a Wicked Knives G45 neck knife. It cannot even cut paper cleanly. But snags most the time. It is chisel ground and I have done the usual black marker method, etc., etc. I suspect a bad heat treat. Any comments from G45 owners?

I have 1 along with a NRG-S, I too find it to be quite poorly done. I like most of Newts knives and his reputation is excellent, however the G45 should have been left as a scrap by-product of a laser cut-out. I finally got mine to cut after much time on a Lansky course stone followed by a DMT fine hone and finishing on Spyderco white stick, it is now sharp, but remains IMHO a somewhat useless design.

I have a G45 and Woo. Both have been difficult to sharpen. I have only tried the Sharpmaker so far, but plan to try the Razors Edge system on it. That course stone should set things right, I hope.
I have a number of WOO's and I got mine pretty sharp without much work.

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I've had decent success w/ my ENRG (which I recently lost #%^&*%$) by using a Lansky. Start w/ the next-highest bevel angle & crank away.
The G-45's I have I really haven't carried that much, so I haven't felt compelled to put serious edges on them. Something to work on.

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