Wife's B-day knife?


Nov 4, 1998
I just responded to Kodiak's post to what you got your wife for X-mas. I got my wife a Leatherman Micra and Photon for her key chain and an Executive Edge Grande for her Day Planner.

Her B-day is coming up in Feb, and I want to get her a small useable pocket folder (for starters, under $100.00). I want to keep it small enough for her to "want" to carry, but also large enough to be useable.

I came down to either a BM Mel Pardue "Gent" or a Spyderco Calypso Jr....both plain edge.

Now, I'm an extreme Knife-Nut (or so my wife tells me), with a multitude of tactical folders and FB's. What I'm trying to determine is what is the size, style and method of op for my wife's vary own first pocket-style folder.

Pocket clip is semi-optional, she prefer's the disk or stud for one-hand opening...and it has to be about the size of the above two, and under $100.00.

I value this Forum's opinions and input...any additional knives I should look at for selection?

Thank's, Dave
How about a BM mini Stryker. I gave my girlfriend a full size Stryker for her birthday last year. She bought herself a mini and carries that one more than the full size. It is a handy little knife. Also the BM Leopard Cubs are nice. Another nice knife is the Spyderco Delica 2. Since the handles are stainless you can have it engraved initials or something nice. I happen to have a couple for sale BTW.
Hope this helps!
I'm struggling with the same delema.

the BM 330 is a great choice IMHO, as would be the 850 which is a little bigger, but not too big. Leapord cub was in the ranking as well.

I have a problem with all three of these though, as my wife is left handed, so I may spend a little more on her and go with a MT mini socom. Also going to check out the MOD Trident and Tempest and see if she likes those.



Mouse Assassins inc.

Hi dp,
I don't think you can go wrong with either the BM Gent or Calypso Jr. With the criteria you mentioned, under $100 and one handed opening I would probably lean toward a Spyderco as a first knife. The Buck I got my wife is probably too big. My recommendations in no order are:
1. Spyderco Delica II
2. Stainless Spydie Native
3. Spydie Jess Horn Lightweight C38 (very nice knife)
4. Spydie Worker (nice specs)
5. BM Gent

If I think of a few more, I'll repost.

Greg Mete
Kodiak Alaska

Great suggestions! Looking at a large variety, my focus strayed to BM and Spyderco for her first knife. Ya, I've got a Sebenza, Emerson Cdr and MT along with a myrid of Benchmade (large variety) and Spyderco's...but I want to get her something mid-range (a quality worker) that she'll hopefully come to use and carry daily.

Phillip, I thing the Delica II is another great idea...something "shiny/dressy" yet still an excellent small utility knife. However, she hasn't warmed up to the "hard-angled" and defense-oriented looking folders yet.

Hey Greg, you got me started on this...but you're on the same sheet of music that I was considering for her. I haven't handled the BM Leopard Cub, but it also seems like a decent knife.

Excellent suggestions all, but I still have time to decide, so keep'em coming, thank's

My daughter's favorite knife is a green Leopard Cub. The clip has been removed, so I gave her a small nylon sheath. This protects her knife from the most hostile environment of her purse. But, it's always there IN her purse and that's the intent.
I gave her a Calypso today. She has trouble opening it with her stylish finger nails. The long finger nail and the flat hole don't work well together, and a woman would never cut her nails just to open a knife.
The thumb stud on the Cub sticks out where she can move it with the ball of her thumb.
You gotta consider these things when dealing with women.
I think its cool that you are giving her a knife. Way to go !!
My wife likes the Spyderco Cricket. She chose it herself and carries it daily. I've offered her "better" knives, such as the Leopard Cub, but nothing doing. I'd like for her to graduate to something more versatile, but in the meantime I'm letting her persuade herself, and gradually. At least she's carrying something.

David Rock

Just ran across another one on the possibility's list.

the BM 905 mini stryker

2.9 inch blade
Overall length open- 7.1"
Length closed- 4.1"
ambi thumb stud.

And the wife said she likes the way it looks!
I may be on a roll here.


Mouse Assassins inc.

dp, you know I just had another thought after reading Bill's post about the need to have an easy opening blade....consider the Kershaw Liner lock series. They are non threatening in appearance and have excellent action, very easy to open and have that nice secure snap that people love to hear.

Blade magazine did a piece on knives for women in their Aug 98 issue and mention the Kershaw. I have one of their larger liner locks and I really like it.

They also recommended the:
MOD Ladyhawk $159
BM Mel Pardue model 850 $199.95
Boker 88 Gamma $95.95
Gutmann Junglee Marshall Jr $39.95
Kershaw Liner Action model 2410 $49.95
S&W Turquoise Baby SWAT SW2001 TQ $79.95
Spyderco Cricket C29 $64.95
United Fox UC1052 $87.29

Of course being the smart web shopper you are, you can find all of the above mentioned knives cheaper than what they wrote for the SRP.

Let us know what you decide

Kodiak Alaska