Wilderness Camping Near L.A.?

Jun 28, 2001
Im visiting family in the L.A. area and have contracted cabin fever. I need to get out and do some wilderness camping (where i can be alone in nature and perhaps not be so "cramped" in). All the remote places ive researched so far have been very far away (at leat 3hrs just to drive...and then a hike after that). As my time for "escape" is limited, i was hoping somebody could suggest wilderness areas closer to the city where i might not find many other people (or any at all). Fishing would be a great bonus. Precise directions would be greatly appriciated as i am unfamiliar with the area. Thank you all in advance for all of your help.

have you taken a look at the East Fork of the San Gabriel river? It will be crowded the first few miles, but after you hike a few miles past the bridge there won't be anyone else. Though to hike that far it will be about 10 miles. Actually I usually do more than that in a day, but I also play soccer 3 times a week and go to the gym every other day.:D

Make a search on the internet or go to www.flyshop.com and search the southwest bulletin boards.

The fishing is good there at least.


The San Gabriels are beautiful and rugged, parts are remote, once you hike in a mile or so to get past the crouds. Locate a map of Pasadena, and look just north of the city. The Angeles Crest Highway will take you right up to many trailheads less than 2 miles from the city. Bring a pole, there's some nice little trout in the stream too!
Tenn....Well they beat me to it!! Both are really good spots...You might also look into the Santa Monica Mountains....I go up thru Newbury Park....altho the "crest" offers some great hiking trails..Instant rugged wilderness.How long are you going to be in the area?...you could hook up with some of us that go on the Christopher Nyerges hikes/walks ...He has one this Sa****ay I believe.

I have spent a lot of time in the Nashville area and have done some camping and hiking in the past in Tenn.

good luck..

Dude ::: cover yer six >>>
Thanks for the advice...Dirttime, ive heard about those "sa****ay excursions" with chris nyerges and plan to sign up for one. Thanks again