William Henry - anyone had any QC probs?

Oct 31, 1999
I fell in love with the William Henry line of knives at the '99 Blade Show in Atlanta. I would like to get the one of their carbon fiber models.

However, Discount Knives has posted on their web site that they have discontinued the line because of "quality control" problems. Very unusual.

This doesn't seem to line up with everything I've heard about WH. Has anyone had a problem with their WH that wasn't resolved, or is this just something personal with DK.

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If I recall correctly, there was a thread that explained some kind of return snafu between WH and DK. It seems that notice is still up just to tweak people into questioning the line.

I own, have given as gifts, and handled at shows and shops many William Henry Knives, and not a one has had any problems whatsoever. Practically flawless, a real value. James Mattis handles the line, and has a similar opinion, I believe.

Ignore what DK has to say, its seems like sour grapes.

James Segura
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You asked if anyone has heard of or had any QC problems with the WH line? one word answer.......NO!!

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As to the Carbon Fiber series, I liked the Spearpoint I gave my younger brother so much that I snatched one up from Jackyl when he decided to sell it. Actually, I goaded him into it, as he kept complaining that it was "too light". A great suitcoat knife, single liner, it is very light, but sharp and great looking. I don't even mind the clip too much.

James Segura
San Francisco, CA
Impeccable fit and finish, excellent quality.

But they're made by mere mortals.

About a year ago I had a couple of them fail the "spinal tap" test. So I sent them back, and they fixed or replaced them, rather quickly.

Their competition isn't the $150 factory knife. It's the $500 custom knife. Those, by the way, are also made by mere mortals.

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James hit it right on the head. The WH line can definitely compete with MANY of the custom knives that are being produced. I have seen custom folders that not only would fail a spine test, but they would not even lock up in the first place. And of course, the fit and finish is first rate.

I would however recommend one thing. That would be that once you decide on which one to get, send it out and get it fileworked. This will take a very nice gentleman's folder and turn it into a VERY nice gentleman's folder. I would get a hold of Frank Recupero to do this, as he does beautiful work.

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Thanks guys!

My confidence in WH is restored.

James, you're right. After handling all the custom knives in Atlanta, the William Henry knives stood very tall, indeed. The prices seem extremely reasonable in comparison.
Frank Norman
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I've got two now, my Rainbow Series Spearpoint and a Mother of Pearl Lancet, I had the carbon fiber lancet and was put off by the one liner, but that was just me, the knife itself locked well and nicely ground and perfect fit up.

Man, I'm really tempted to get the Hummingbird model, but I've sworn off buying knives, so I really must put it out of my mind. At least till the end of next year, but by then they will be gone if they are not gone already.
The Hummingbird was a single run to use up parts for their T6 models, wharncliff blades smaller than the Lancet....arrgghhh must be good!!!

Oops sorry, back to the post, I also met with Matt Conable while at the Blade Show and have known him from when he worked with David Boye, very nice fellow and the knives are really a collectible/heirloom type quality.


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James, the Spinal Tap -test, eh!?!
What happened? Did they Break Like the Wind?