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Gary W. Graley

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Mar 2, 1999
Received this knife yesterday and it came sharp out of the box, much like the Moki I once had, this has the wharncliff blade shape, plain edge and VG-10 for the steel.
The liners are 420J Stainless and the scale materials are G10, though they are screwed on to the liners and thoughts of changing them later are swimming through my wittle head right now, they are nicely shaped though.

The blade is 3" long, handle is at 4"
It has dual thumbstuds that are grippy and work easily, the blade opens very smoothly, the detent holds the blade securely as well.

The lock, it's a liner lock, though really an integral lock similar to the Sebenza style since the side really makes the lock bar, if you gripped it really tight you shouldn't be able to defeat the lock. The blade locks up very secure.

Pocket clip pouch, the clip was left off the knife, nice touch! But the knife does arrive with a leather sheath that has a well made and strong clip that clips to the inside of your pocket, works well also.

This as most of you that know me, is my favourite blade shape, right next to the chiseledge blades, very useful point and straight edge. So far I have just cut some boxes, string, envelopes and the shaved some hair off my arm, standing hair, meaning that the edge is SO sharp it cuts off the hair without bringing the knife next to the skin, try that with your knife, usually the hair moves out of the way, but this knife and a chiseledge one I have, the hair doesn't have a chance! It catches and pops the hair right off, very sharp knife, and I didn't even have to sharpen it yet! impressive.



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G2 LeatherWorks
The lock, it's a liner lock, though really an integral lock similar to the Sebenza style since the side really makes the lock bar

Thanks Gary. I'm feeling dim today, could you re-state the above quote? Is it a liner lock, or an integral-style lock? It sounds like you're saying it's an integral lock, which I'm thrilled about, but I"d like to make sure. Or, if you have a pick of the knife showing the lock, that'll be worth 1000 words

Hmmm lets see if this will clear it up a little.


The overlay of G10 doesn't really make the side, the side becomes the lock. Like an Integral....sorta

The lock is similar to the liner lock on the Benchmade 330, basically the liner is exposed near the pivot. Nice knife, I knew you'd get one soon, Gary.

James Segura
San Francisco, CA
I once had

Gary describing his knife collection....lol!

Hey G2, got mine already! Paid the extra shipping for 2nd day air delivery and UPS didn't screw this one up.

Excellent gent's folder. Well made. My first W&H.

Is it true that Blade voted this particular knife Overall Knife Of The Year?

Thanks for the great advice. I like the pocket clip sheath but the leather is cheesy. Not a Graley sheath that is for sure. Are you making a sheath for yours? I may just use that old deerskin pouch you made me.

Hope you get my package soon.


~Greg Mete~
Kodiak Alaska
Leave to you Greg to notice the ~I Once HAD~ Statement..so true, so true....but that's why they make so many knives, just have to see them at least!

As to the sheath that came with this knife, it is light duty leather and is not form fitted to the knife so I do worry about later on that the knife might slip out of it's holder, being so near the top of the pocket. Also it's not real handy to get the knife out, not liking that too well, have to sort of latch onto the thumbstud to retrieve the knife. The Clip is first rate, classy shape and pretty strong. Had one email asking if I could cannablize the sheath's clip and make one to fit a WhiteWing folder in a similar style....didn't recommend it. So Greg not sure what I'll do with this, for the time being I'm using the clip sheath, until I make one to fit it.

I agree with you regarding the leather clip sheath. The clip is very well done. I would love to see a clip like this in say....a Graley handmade leather sheath.....<<hint--hint>>

Well done gents folder. The folks a WH seem to know what they're doing.

~Greg Mete~
Kodiak Alaska