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William Henry International Series\evolution series

May 6, 2000
How does the "overall quality" of the William Henry International Series\evolution series compare to that of a Benchmade 690.

I know they are not the same type of knife, but I am looking for an everyday carry knife as an "upgrade" from my usual spyderco's - cricket,dragonfly,walker,worker or Gerber ar3.00 or Kershaw blackout.
The William Henry International series knives appear to me to be superior to the BM 690 in terms of overall fit and finish. More importantly, the Wiliam Henry is more properly a gents knife in that it is much smaller and thinner, therefore being a better match for suits or dress slacks. The BM 690 is a very handsome knife and works well in the gents role but I think it is better suited to the classy tactical or good looking work knife instead of a pure suit and tie knife like the William Henry.
The William Henry Evolution series (I've got the S-07 Wharncliffe) are excellent knives. At first I wasn't impressed when I got mine in the mail. But it has continued to grow on me. It's my everyday knife now - right front pocket (except Sunday when I carry my William Henry Spearpoint). The VG-10 steel is great. No clip on the knife to get in the way. Well made. I like the way the G-10 feels on this knife, too.

Can't speak for the Benchmade, sorry.


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