William Henry T-12CF passes test!

Oct 31, 1999
I like taking a knife that's a little special when I dress up. My recently acquired WH carbon fiber spear point fits that role quite handily.

Tonight, while out on the town with my pretty wife of 25 years, I had a chance to put it to a grueling test: slicing up a medium rare prime rib for my personal consumption.

After ordering I didn't have to wait very long before the waitress supplied the test material. I slipped the WH out of my right hand pocket, placed my thumb on the stud and slid the blade open. I was rewarded with one of the smoothest opening actions in existence. The blue anodized liner lock snicked solidly into place and the folder felt like a fixed blade.

I was ready!

With my left hand I pressed the fork into the edge of the meat and watched as the succulent red juices oozed out onto the plate. With my right I slid the polished ATS-34 blade through the meat about a half inch from the fork. The meat smoothly fell away from the blade and was transported into my watering mouth. I repeated this procedure until the prime rib was just a memory.

In addition to passing the prime rib test, there was the visual joy of looking at that beautiful knife resting beside the plate. The polished spear point looks very purposeful. The smooth carbon fiber scales contrast with the blade to give the whole knife a subtle, yet very business like elegance.

Simple joys of life: a fine woman, fine food, and a fine knife!

The WH passed with flying colors!

Frank Norman
Words are not deeds.
Sllllluuuurrrrrrpppp. Wow. For a moment I couldn't figure out whether I was drooling over the steak or over the knife.

It was the knife

I know how you feel about that William Henry spearpoint. It is a perfect dress knife and is also the lightest full size knife I have ever owned! Although its a dress knife, it is so nice I find myself carrying it everywhere.
Cool, I love the look of that knife. Wouldn't the plate coming into contact with the knife bugger up the edge though ?

Great review! A real world test from the real world where most of us actually live!

I'll have to give one of mine a go on a Morton's thick cut some time!

Glad your knife lived up to the test, and MAN AM I EVER HUNGRY!

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I'm very careful to rock the fork back slightly to my left which gently raises the bottom of the meat from the plate as I cut through. I did touch the plate a few times, but the WH still shaves.

I should have included that in the review. Good point!

Frank Norman
Words are not deeds.
great review.
for a second there I Thought about some wine to go with the meat, but then again - when ever I drink&slice - I face the danger of posting another "MOM!-I-cut-my-finger-real-bad-again" we see here so often..