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William Henry

Aug 31, 2000
Hi all,
Everywhere I go (on the net) knife shopping, I keep finding myself attracted to William Henry folders.

They look super sweet (all models). I am particularly interested in the "Spearpoint" line.
I'm thinking about my XMas wishlist or maybe the little lady could save up her pennies and hook me up at my b-day (Aug.).

I expect (for this knida' good money) that these knives should perform very good.

What I would like from you all is any opinions/comments on these knives.

All welcome!!


--The Raptor--
All of the William Henry knives I've handled thus far have impressed me very much. Their fit and finish and general functioning is superb. I hope no one will be offended if I characterize these knives more along the lines of a "gent's" folder as opposed to an overbuilt heavy use folder, but that's how I see it. The blades and liners aren't quite as thick as you'll see on many folders in the same price range, but the reward for this is extreme cutting efficiency on medium duty chores, and a nice light weight that contributes to an unobtrusive carry.

Semper Fi

Thanks for the response.

I will also characterize these knives as a gents knife more than say a tactical.

I think that I need to get to a brick & mortar type knife store and handle some.

Also, do they do full out customs as well or is it just production?

Is there a website for William Henry??

Thanks again.

--The Raptor--

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No prob, Raptor. I believe Matt Conable has discussed how they will occasionally be making special runs of folders featuring a different or exotic handle material. They also have a special projects area on their Web site. Happy hunting:

Semper Fi

Although I am a Microtech Dealer and avowed Microholic, William Henry makes a superb Gent's folder. Recently purchased one and am very impressed it with it. Butter smooth opening, beautiful MOP scales, hand ground satin finished blade, anodized liners and spacer, leather pouch with a chamois cloth to wipe off the fingerprints. Fine knives.
I have a Amber Kestrel on order. It should be here this week. I havn't handled one but reading everyone's comments, I think I made a good choice. I was looking for a small-well built folder. Hopefully the Kestrel will fit the bill. I was looking at the MOP handles but I wasn't sure if pocket change, etc. would ruin them. Does anyone carry the MOP uncoverred (no pouch) in there pocket? How does it hold up? Thanks for the input.

Raptor, I have 2, a CF Kestrel and a Cocobollo Lancet. They are great "pocket knives" and are great for light duty work. The Spearpoint would probably hold up to heavier tasks. Something to consider, the CF models only have a liner on the locking side, the other side is linerless, just a CF scale. This is what makes them weightless compared to the slightly heavier "fancy" models which have double liners and bolsters. You won't be disappointed, the fit, finish, and action are custom quality. I'd recommend you get the new "clipcase" to protect it in your pocket, coins will definately marr the finish.

Hey Bird o' Prey...

You will not go wrong with the WH spearpoints. They are well made, very classy, and great performers. Plain and simple, THEY ROCK. For the price you will find few true customs compare in overall value. Conable will also refurb the knife if you beat the snot out of it(for a very reasonable fee).

If I might make a suggestion though, the clipcases suck IMO. Either keep a pocket cleared out for it as they have no backspacer, or have G2 make a sheath for you. It will almost dissappear against a 1" belt and they are built to last as long as the knife. Plus they are just a kick ass combo.

I am a huge fan of these knives and carry one almost every day. For a "gents" folder it stands up to a pretty good beating.

Savor the wait... It is almost as fun as the getting.

In my opinion William Henry knives are exceptional. Fine looks, great quality and very good materials are used in production. These knives are tough to beat.
Hi again,
Thanks to all for your comments.

I was going to ask about the pocket sheaths, but it appears that you guys beat me to it.

I know that several forumites make custom sheaths. Is G2 one of them? And if so, does he have a webpage?

Thanks for the link. I dragged the wife in last night and did some serious pointing.
I really like the Spearpoints.
I like all series, but for some reason the amber series really catches my eye.

What does the CF stand for?
Is this what I am looking at from the above mentioned link from Bronco?
Do the Amber Series have double liners or just the single?
They did not show in the pictures.

Thanks again.

--The Raptor--

I think that I answered my own question.
I just went to the website again and I see that CF stands for "Carbon Fiber".

Am I then to assume that all other series have double liners?

Still a little confused.....I guess?!?!?!

--The Raptor--
I just picked up my first at the New York Show, it is a model T10-CF. I have only carried it for a few days but I really like it so far. It appears to be very well made and smooth opening.
Thanks for the link. Gary (G2) sure seems to make a nice sheath. Nice thick leather it looks like. I love the horizontal models. I'll keep him in mind if I am blessed with the purchase/gift of a WH knife.
Did 'ya hear that honey???

Thanks for the info on your T10-CF. It sounds like you had a good time at the NYC show according to the posts over at the Busse forum. I noticed that Andy and his wife seemed to take care of you (sweet 'tater pie)while you were in the big city. Sounds like they are good people.

Thanks again.

--The Raptor--


You can't go wrong with William Henry. Quality with a capital Q. Double liners on all but the carbon fiber models. Very smooth opening and closing. Solid knives. If you haven't already, do a search on William Henry in all the Blade Discussion Forums (Archives, too) and the Knife review and testing forum.

Lots of good info out there. Also, follow the links for the places that sell William Henry knives. They are linked at the William Henry homepage.

Let us know what you decide.

Raptor, I've had a Amber Jigged Bone Spearpoint for 8 months now and I love it. I carry it when I'm dressed up and when I'm on commercial airlines. Although, I'm a tactical kinda guy, I really like William Henry. As others have said, they are butter smooth opening and fit and finish are perfect. I personally like the spearpoint better than the other models for its size. I think the others are too small. You can't go wrong and you won't be disappointed with WH.
Regards, chieftd

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Thanks again to all!!!

I was just showing this to my wife and she said you guys aren't allowed to help me anymore.

Actually, she is real cool about me and my other relationship with "the knives".
She too, really likes the Amber Spearpoint. She says that she likes the "pretty knives" especially MOP.
Now that can't be a bad thing!!!!

Well, I'm off now to show her G2's sheaths.

--The Raptor--
I like the William Henry line of knives, very partial to the Lancet model as my collection will show;



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