Windmill and Bruton Type Lighters


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Dec 5, 2000
I have been looking at this type of lighter for a few years now, they look real cool. I just have one question about them, how long will the fuel last? I don't smoke, so I would just be carrying the lighter around to have a lighter. Comes in handy at times to have all kinds of gear easily at hand.

Anyway I have a few Zippo's but the fluid will always evaporate rather quickly even when not used. So I would need to refill the hing like every week or so if I wanted to make sure I was carrying a working lighter with me. Instead I have just been carrying a cheap Mini-Bic lighter, works well enough and is replacable. The good thing about them though is that they will keep the fuel inside forever. So where would the more expensive Delta or Brunton lighters fall? If they can keep fuel loaded for a good long time I might just buy one.

Jan 15, 2003
I've been using the Windmill Delta for quite awhile...i don't smoke so just keep it in my pants. They last quite a bit. The fuel doesn't seem to go down even for a few months.

I also have the shock pro 3000 or something like that...the big Windmill lighter and since i bought it about 2 years ago maybe i've refilled it twice. I don't really wait for it to finish but just like pumping gas in it.
Mar 26, 2000
I've got a couple Deltas. I have had no problem with them on fuel usage.

If yo ulook at the works in the Brunton, it is the same as the Delta (look for the "delta" symbol. which is like a triangle).

I find the Windmill Delta's rubberized housing to be more comforting as far as shock resistance than the Brunton Helios, since that housing is plastic (even though it looks metallic).

Good luck. Lot to decide on man.