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* Winner Ice Tigre * End of March GAW

Discussion in 'Traditional Folders and Fixed Blades' started by Gary W. Graley, Mar 27, 2017.

  1. thegeneftw


    Dec 30, 2016
    Dang, I love the look of this one but don't qualify... Picked up a sodbuster jr recently but had to send it back because the blade was rubbing against the liner. I know not all Case knives are like that though. Thinking one of the older models would be better for me.
  2. Jerry D.

    Jerry D. Basic Member Basic Member

    Sep 17, 2008
    Please count me in, Gary! Thanks for the chance.
  3. greentrout

    greentrout Gold Member Gold Member

    Apr 20, 2016
    Would be a great pocket carry! I'm in and thank you for the offer.
  4. gusnuts

    gusnuts Gold Member Gold Member

    Jan 7, 2015
    I'm in! Thanks for the chance. That is a beauty.
  5. Champthekid

    Champthekid Gold Member Gold Member

    Feb 8, 2017
    Not an entry either because I don't qualify, but very nice of you.
  6. CAD


    Jan 11, 2006
    I'm in...thanks for the give away, Gary!

    Chris D.:D
  7. neal70


    Jun 3, 2015
    I'll be in if that's ok! I have a similar model, so if I win I may gift it to a friend who just had some heart surgery , successfully, thankfully.
    Thanks, Neal
  8. knifenut880


    Aug 13, 2009
    In please thanks for the chance
  9. afishhunter


    Oct 21, 2014
    I'm in. Thank you, Gary, for the chance.
  10. Ice Tigre

    Ice Tigre Gold Member Gold Member

    Dec 17, 2004
    I'm in, and Thank You Sir! :)

  11. Bigfattyt

    Bigfattyt Gold Member Gold Member

    Jun 23, 2007
    I'd be in for this Jack!
  12. Gary W. Graley

    Gary W. Graley “Imagination is more important than knowledge" Knifemaker / Craftsman / Service Provider

    Mar 2, 1999
    Thanks guys this will end tomorrow
  13. T.L.E. Sharp

    T.L.E. Sharp That's right, it's genuine Velveeta... Platinum Member

    Jun 30, 2016
    I'm in. Is that a table cloth? Lovely fabric.
  14. Gary W. Graley

    Gary W. Graley “Imagination is more important than knowledge" Knifemaker / Craftsman / Service Provider

    Mar 2, 1999
    Thanks Bryce, it is our table cloth and no, it's not included. ;)
  15. GasMan1


    May 27, 2015
    Im in. If it's not too late . Either way thanks for doing what you do for the people here on "the porch".
    Last edited: Mar 30, 2017
  16. t.willy

    t.willy Gold Member Gold Member

    Mar 31, 2016
    Im in and thank you for the opportunity :D
  17. 5K Qs

    5K Qs Gold Member Gold Member

    Jul 20, 2014
    Thanks for the generous GAW, Gary! :thumbup:
    I'm in please, but if I win can you send it to Randy Redden? :cool:
    Best wishes to all the entrants! :D

    - GT
  18. WA Martin

    WA Martin

    Jan 23, 2007
    I'm in! Thanks for the chance, Gary
  19. Jolipapa

    Jolipapa Basic Member Basic Member

    Jun 4, 2015
    Seems a fair deal! I'm in :D
  20. edbeau


    Jan 20, 2006
    I'm in. Looks like a very nice knife. Thanks

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