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wireedge removal

Dec 19, 1998
can anyone suggest a fast way to get rid of a wire edge on my new stainless damascus blade...it just keeps turning from one side to the next....thanks

a knife's not worth havin' unless it's sharp
Raise the blade up a little, more angle and use what method you use,ie free hand or some helper, and take a couple of light swipes on both sides. That sould do it if not than the metal might be to soft. If is then just stand it up. To stand up the wire edge use a steel.

Some people think that kind of edge is best.
Jerry Fisk is one of them he says he like his blades RC52-54
I'm really not a slouch at sharpening....I am just having a hard time with this Stamacus blade........anymore ideas??
a knife's not worth havin'......unless it's sharp

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