Wishes of Goodwill to all serving in Desert Fox


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Oct 2, 1998
Be safe and stay sharp out there guys, you have our best wishes with you.


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I can tell you that these sentiments are most appreciated. If it weren't for the fact that "minimize" is in effect, I'd be forwarding your post to the Air Expeditionary Wing gang in SWA. There's almost 400 folks from the 28th Bomb Wing that have been incountry for the last month plus. Today the B1-B bomber saw it's first combat action as a converted conventional platform. Thank God we never had to use it as originally designed as a nuclear weapons only delivery platform!


Bald is beautiful! Rub a dome for luck today!

Anyone else notice the relationship between the name of this mission and the nickname of a German general from WWII
As a former member of the 9 wing I wish all of those who fly the 117 and the B-1b good luck. The Black Angels are looking over you guys so stay sharp. When it absolutly, positively has to be blown up over night!

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Do it! Do it right! Do it right NOW!

Be safe all and do it. We want you back home when the time is right safe and successful.
I'd also like to offer my best wishes to those deploying in support of desert fox, but also those there for Operation Southern Watch. I am with the 728 ACS, part of the 33rd Fighter Wing, which has 18 F-15's and about 300 folks who deployed about 2 weeks ago. I just got back in october from a 100 day deployment to kuwait. I know all the support is greatly appreciated and would like to offer my thanks to everyone for the good thoughts.
I second all that has been said1 I have a loved one over attached to ARCENT G2 and she is doing a hell of a job as all our service men and women are.

Gotta admit, I don't realish being called up. I think most anybody who has spent time in SWA realizes that it is well, except for Bahrain and Kuwait City, a S... H...

Every day we wait for a phone call telling us that my son's unit has been called up. My heart goes out to the parents of those serving. I pray for the safe return of all of our sons and daughters in way that only a father knows.