Witchblade.com's "Fire Genie"

Nov 7, 1999
Hey Guys….

I just received my “Fire Genie” from Rik Palm of Witchblades.com http://www.witchblades.com


The Fire Genie is an Arrowhead, Improvised knife,Scraper,and fire Starting Tool disguised as a smart looking little piece of jewelry.

The Genie itself is a hand forged arrowhead using a primitive charcoal forge. The face is drilled and filed in by hand as well as the cutting edge itself.

The leather Fob of the Genie is hand stitched and embellished with twisted fringes along the bottom. The pouch incorporates a small pocket inside which can be used for tinder,, and also comes with a 4mm X 50mm Ferrocerium rod that is mounted horizontally across the top of the pouch in a small sleeve.

The entire Fire Genie is 4” X 2” in length. Actually a lot smaller than I thought it was going to be. It makes an interesting necklace that I’m sure will attract some attention.

My wife and 7 year old have already been eyeing it,, so I’ll have to keep it safely out of reach..

As with all fine works of art each Fire Genie is signed and dated on the back.

The Fire Genie is a Direct result of the Hoods Woods Vol#9 Primitive knifemaking video with Guests Tia Goo and Tim Lively.

If you want to learn primitive knife forging,, This is the Video for you.
Simple down to earth Stuff.

Rik has shown time and time again his Incredible artistic talents, from Graphic arts to a number of primitive and outdoors skills.

The Woodsmaster videos have in my belief brought these skills to the surface within Rik, as I have watched him many months ago file by hand his very first knife.

I had the honor to sheath that first knife of Rik’s and believe wholeheartedly that this is one person who in a few short years will be a very skilled bladesmith.

Stay tuned to Witchblades.com as more pictures are put up.


Eric E. Noeldechen
On/Scene Tactical

On/Scene Tactical
Leading The Way In Quality Synthetic Sheathing

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Followed the link, went to the site, great graphics, but no prices or links to his products.

Yes, they are illegal in Canada and must be immediately sent to me to avoid prosecution. Otherwise, Sgt. Preston of the RCMP and his mighty dog King will be looking for you.
Thanx Eric!!
Im glad you liked it!!!
I was hoping you would.

Im disappointed in my so called web site! Im learning FrontPage so I can add more and soon be able to show what Im working on.

If anyone is interested I do have some photos of some of my other work. They are just jpg images.

I just finished this little
"Medievil Hiker" Its made out of my own damacus and I also used bronze.
another view http://membes.aol.com/digitmp/img/hiker2.jpg

Here are some more samples,

the bug is a small pocket knife, I wanted something easy to carry like a coin http://members.aol.com/digitmp/img/bug.jpg

a small deer bone handled damacus dagger http://members.aol.com/digitmp/img/dagger1.jpg

my first friction folder http://members.aol.com/digitmp/img/folder.jpg

the friction folder in its neck sheath http://members.aol.com/digitmp/img/foldersheath.jpg

a small damacus springbok handled knife http://members.aol.com/digitmp/img/horny.jpg

an arrowhead knife http://members.aol.com/digitmp/img/nak.jpg

a petroglyph neck knife http://members.aol.com/digitmp/img/question1.jpg
my son wearing it http://members.aol.com/digitmp/img/question2.jpg

a neat little knife that has a nice grip to it http://members.aol.com/digitmp/img/trigger.jpg

a group shot of some things I've made http://members.aol.com/digitmp/img/collection.jpg

a small neck knife that has sheath slot for a standard boy scout metal match http://members.aol.com/digitmp/img/neck1.jpg
another view http://members.aol.com/digitmp/img/neck2.jpg

forged camper knife, an idea on how to keep a knife light weight but still usuable as a chopper utillzing a longer handle. http://members.aol.com/digitmp/img/forgedcamper.jpg

a stock removal camper/surivival knife. it has 4 hand holding positions.
number 1 is for skining, the blade swell follows and fills your hand. number 2 has a indent curve for your palm giving you control for using the tip. http://members.aol.com/digitmp/img/camper1.jpg

number 3 feels so good it balances the knife in the center giving you a great grip for whittling. number 4 has the grip canted giving you more power for chopping. http://members.aol.com/digitmp/img/camper2.jpg

the next view shows the tool less fasteners for the surivival kit. http://members.aol.com/digitmp/img/camper3.jpg

This is the clipwitch a small 1/16 inch thick, chiesl ground 2 inch blade utillity knife. it cuts like an xacto knife... its super scary. the overall grip is thin. the knife is carried in a pocket with the rat tail hanging out for easy and convient access. the blade also has my branch scoring slot. http://members.aol.com/digitmp/img/razor1.jpg

this view shows the top edge http://members.aol.com/digitmp/img/razor2.jpg

this view shows how thick the http://members.aol.com/digitmp/img/razor3.jpg

this view shows the bottom thickness http://members.aol.com/digitmp/img/razor4.jpg

this view shows it in its sheath with rat tail http://members.aol.com/digitmp/img/razor5.jpg

close up of finger hole http://members.aol.com/digitmp/img/razor6.jpg

this is the warlock its 3/16 inch thick, chiesled ground, natural G10 handle, it has the branch scorer slot. http://members.aol.com/digitmp/img/wildfire.jpg

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[This message has been edited by Rik Palm (edited 11-19-2000).]
Thanks for sharing, Rik. Some very cool designs. Is that bronze handle a lost wax casting? I like them all. Keep up the good work!
If your talking about the Medieval Hiker, I carved it out of solid piece of bronze. If you were talking about the Bug its just a piece of flat brass that I folded over.