Peter T

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Jun 1, 2020
Hello, I hope everyone and family are well!
I am interested in trading a Mossberg 590A1, 12 gauge towards a Strider.
Still cleaning it up, has lived in a Pelican rifle case for quite some time.

Load is 6 + 1 in the tube. Ghost ring sights, adjustable stock. Probably shot 100 rounds total.

Potential trades are for SnGs in Lego, G10, black chevron, DIGI Camo, Frogskin, or whatever model you would like to offer.
Looking for a straight up trade.

Please PM if interested, thanks BF! 0CC7CBD1-176A-4D0B-AB67-17810F9E6088.jpeg B0D6C3FC-4384-4500-A6C3-0A056EEC4120.jpeg C687BF15-9174-443E-9FCC-A22D0230E642.jpeg C4EC13A1-382C-4278-A5B0-8939B7ACB5C9.jpeg B0599074-AD28-4271-820C-61A8550A90AD.jpeg 8635C849-7C28-43A7-97E9-BCB9FA38FB10.jpeg 0B4CCB5E-B8BF-40F7-A1B3-33831C829A83.jpeg C741DAB3-E1C2-4624-A821-D09E5B665659.jpeg E2445BC1-9A35-4DB8-8CB4-E882A7EFAF78.jpeg 353820C7-6196-464D-9C0E-0B299B1EDCE0.jpeg