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Nov 16, 1998
When my wife came home from work tonight, and I told her about what Spark said about the goal for post by Feb.1st, she came up with this idea.
Seeing as how she is quite a knifeknut like me, and knows quite a bit about them, she suggested starting a new thread asking you guys out there if your wife or girlfriend is into knives also, not excluding you women that do post on here sometimes.

So,how about it? How many of you people out there are there are as lucky as I am????


Well since I make a living selling knives I guess she is a knifenut! Actually she does like knives although she still can't tell the difference between a $50 knife and a $500 knife, but that would be my fault for not educating her huh?

Best Regards,
Mike Turber
BladeForums Site Owner and Administrator
Do it! Do it right! Do it right NOW!

hi mike!
when i first met my wife almost 15 years ago, she was carrying a buck 110 in a harley davidison sheath, and i said to myself "thats my kind of woman". been together every since, and have not regretted it. had to say that, she is reading this.HA!HA!
seriously though, she is knowledgible on knives, steels, styles, brands, etc., and always willing to learn more about them.
plus she knows what she wants for herself to carry. fact is, i just order a new spyderco howard viele fully serrated knife tonight to go with the mt mini-socom, which she just got. she is catching up to me real fast on how many she has, and how many she carrys in her purse, jeans, car, etc.
can get pretty expensive sometimes, but i'm not complaining, as i feel lucky that she takes such a great interest in them. don't have to justify buying a new one, just wants to know when she can get a new one too.
what is real expensive is, she likes customs as well as i do, and she is always having barry dawson, well known knifemaker in colorado, making her a new one at least twice a year.
well, i started this thread, and thats my input.
anyway mike, your wife might be more interested than you know. took me a little to find out just how much with my wife.
thanks for letting me voice on this.

Lucky men. I'm still looking for a girl who does not tell me she has NO interest in knives or does not give me strange looks when I whip out the Sebenza or ATAK. I've only met (1) knife girl in my life (she carried a Taiwan Knockoff of Cold Steel Tanto). But we are only friends.

Perhaps I should start carrying something a bit milder....MAD DOG Panther?


While I wouldn't say my wife is a knife nut like I am, she does carry a knife (or two) for all the little chores a sharp edge makes easy.
Whenever a knife package arrives, she wants to open it.
She sharpens the kitchen knives herself.
She's already pointed out the next 3 or 4 knives she would like me to buy her.
She spends time cleaning and polishing knives.
She would like a custom made folder to replace the factory ones she has now.
She talks me into buying new knives.

Actually, she does sound kind of obsessed, doesn't she?
No wonder this is our 24th year together:)

You guys have forgotten one of the most important women in your life, your MOTHERS. My Mom encouraged my early knife exploits. She had my dad take me out and buy my first lockback(after my Case folded up on my finger) a Buck Squire. She gave me my first fixed blade, a Buck Guide. Sadly, I do not have any of my childhood knives.

For as long as I can remember, my mother carried a Gerber Pixie. She actually wore them out, and wore out a few sheaths too. I tried to find her on for her last Birthday, but they were discontinued, so Mom got a Mirage. I taught her to flick it open, and she is pretty good at it. (If anyone has a Gerber Pixie they'd like to sell, lemme know).

Most recently, My girlfriend got a Spyderco Gerber lightweight. She has only had it for a few hours, but is getting proficient at doing the wrist snapopen. I must admit that I find it sexy to see her with a knife, I only wish that I could afford a nicer knife....ooooo....Nemesis......that would be better than a leather g-string.....Hey honey....SchinK!



"No, it's a Vaquero Grande in my pocket, but I am happy to see you!"

My Mom has given me several VERY nice knives.
(1 custom made for me and a couple of antique pen knives) My wife, on the other hand, can't understand my infatuation with knives, firearms, crossbows, artillery, every imaginable weapon on the panet. We were married while I was in the Marines. She never got used to all of the weaponry being toted around on base. She's not against it...she doesn't understand it. However, put her in a store with carnival glass and she could spend a mint! I don't begrudge her her hobby and she puts up with mine. My daughter (DADDY'S GIRL!) Can't ask enough questions about my various knives and firearms. When she's old enough, I'll start her on the road to her own collection and the safe use thereof!

I WISH! Mine still thinks $30 is alot for a knife! Still she has her Victorinox Midnight Messenger on her keyring and likes it. Mostly she just uses the pen. *sigh*

My mother has always had a knife in her purse. In fact, when I was about 7, we went to see Ronald Reagan on his election tour and they made her take her little knife back to the car! I can see the headlines now: "Housewife and Mother Kills Presidential Hopeful with Tiny Pocketknife!"

Her birthday is tomorrow and she said she would like a nice paring knife.
I am going to get her an AG Russell Woodswalker. Hopefully she will like it. She is also getting a Spydie Ladybug for her purse! (thanks, Kodiak PA!)

I made my grandmother very happy a few months ago by taking my Sharpmaker to Louisville with me and sharpening all her kitchen knives. I think she was happy because she saw how much I was like my grandfather, but I think it made her miss him, too.


Clay Fleischer

"10,000 Lemmings Can't Be Wrong!"
Put me in the "I wish club" too. Everytime I want another one she says "Why do you want another one of those violent things?" To which I reply "They`re not violent things they`re TOOLS,but if it really bothers you I`ll just buy another gun instead." That usually works.
I`m still trying to get her to carry a Micra on her keys. <sigh> Well, she really does pretty much let me get what I want as long as I let her fill our place to the ceiling with country decorating stuff. Still my knives just don`t seem as cool surrounded by the scent of potpourri.
My wife isn't a knife knut but she does carry a Spydie Dragonfly. She picked it out one day when we were together and I was looking at some knives at a sporting goods store. She always likes to tell me how her knife is better than whatever knife I happen to be using at the time. She has even had to take it out in a self defense situation. She had it palmed, unopened, but was able to verbally difuse the situation.



you are right, when i started this thread, i did leave out mothers, and i apologize for that. guess thats because she thought of knives as tools in the kitchen, and never said much other than that; not even when i carried a pocket knife. she knew i always carried one when i was young and in school, where i always had one in my pocket, but that was then and now that is a no-no. funny, i only thought of a knife as a boy thing. heck i was a cub scout, and all the guys carried one.
one last thing yekim, if you check back on this post, i do have a gerber pixie which i would sell if you are interested, and i'm the person who got the cold steel sheath from you a while back.
e-mail me at ljoh487175@aol.com if you want it.
LarryLuana --(Larry)
My personal measurement of spousal knife appreciation is that I get away without sleeping on the couch or with the dog.

Most of the time she is cool with it. Other times she looks at me out of the corner of her eye and the following conversation takes place:
Wife: How much did that cost?
Kodiak PA: How much did what cost?
W: That new knife!
KP: What new knife?
W: Don't get smart with me, that knife on your belt.
KP: Oh, that knife. I got a really good deal on this honey.
W: How much?
KP: I saved over 50%! Aren't you proud of me.
W: How much?
KP: (groveling) And I swear, I shopped around, 'cause I know that a cautious shopper is a good shopper. You taught me that remember?
W: How $#%@ing Much?
KP: You know, you should really get that new dress you have been wanting and maybe some matching shoes.
W: You do?
KP: uh huh. 'Cause you deserve it.
W: I do, huh? Must have been really expensive knife, huh?
KP: Yep
W: See ya, I'm going shopping.

And that's the way it usually ends. Do you think she does this on purpose?



My wife carries a Calypso Jr., plain blade, micarta handle, in her purse all the time. Gives me the batting eyelashes when it needs a touching up. Too cute to resist. If her purse is within reach when somebody asks, "Anybody got a knife?", she offers it over. Otherwise, she just says, "Hon, knife," and holds out her hand.
Cute little story: At our wedding shower last fall, when gift time came, she had the Calypso in her pocket. When a taped-to-death box came up, she whipped it out, shredded the tape, and put it away. A murmured hush came over some of the grey-haired aunts and family friends. Her mom piped up, "What a lovely vase!", everybody ooh-ed and ahh-ed and was over it. She said it was really pretty strange, but amusing none the less.
While my wife isnt a knife nut as of yet....she is slooooowly being SUCKED IN!

Wont be long until she says....I want that dagger Darrel Ralph did.


Mouse Assassins inc.

My wife- HA. I am slowly coming out of the closet. It's all covert. I have to wait until she's asleep or out of the house.

All the computer time on the forums has aroused suspicion. Just last night she asked, “So, tell me about your new interest.”

I tried to spin it so she could understand. Uh oh she just pulled up.



My wife is now puzzled why prevously I was a gun nut, and now a knife nut. I play a lot with our kitchen knives and garden tools. She's not complaining, though, because she's excused from filleting the fish for dinner!

She's not a knife nut YET. Last night I showed her my Spyderco catalog and asked her what she wanted. She pointed out the Dragonfly. And that is what she'll probably receive on Valentine's Day!
You fools! How can you have let your women know how much your knives cost? To date, my girlfriend thinks I have a strange hobby, and is scared of knives... although I cleaned some ice/slush off the tires the other day with my cetan and she remarked "oh, that's useful". But thank God, she's never asked how much my knives cost (she'd go nuts), and I ain't gonna tell her buddy!

Titan, you're going to give your wife a knife for valentine's? I dunno about you, but my gf would hate me if I did that hehe. Maybe as just a plain gift, no occassion, is better.