Women and knives in AZ...

Jan 11, 1999
I am not shy about showing my daily carry to people in nice restaurant/bars whether they be bartenders, servers, or friends.

This not a big deal here in AZ because a lot of people here grew up with guns and knives.

Sometimes I meet a fellow knifenut and we have something to talk about. Or more likely a guy who thinks he knows about knives; these guys usually have a BM auto Stryker (very popular around here) for which they paid retail!!???

I'm always tempted to say 'jeez for that you could've had a Socom Elite...', but quickly learned these comments are not well received, they don't know what a Socom is, and they don't know how to unlock my linerlock.

OK, on to the women. You might expect them to be taken aback. Nope. They're more appreciative and receptive than the average guy. The first thing they usually say is 'Oh! I've got one in my purse'... and they take it out to show me. It always turns out to be a pos and their plan is to stick some guy who bothers them at the ATM, or stick some guy for some other reason. I usually explain the risks involved in trying this and sometimes they decide not to carry, and sometimes they don't care what I think, they like the thing and they're going to carry it anyway.

Then I show them my LCC and offer to let them hold it. Their eyes open wide and they sit/stand there positively awestruck. They're fascinated with it.

OK, those are my observations. Not what I expected.

Yeah, ok, but try flashing your knife at the Sanctuary.
Having lived in Az for the last 18 years, am not surprised at the attitude in a place where you can enter a bank wearing a gun, unconcealed and no one calls the cops. Since knives are tamer, usually when i show off my knives, I get either 1. I'm not a knife person or 2. Wow great knife, where'd you get it, etc.

And yes I also find the women are much more appreciative of a nice looking knife.


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Hi guys, it is really nice to see some fellow knifenuts from that Grand Canyon State.

P.S. Did any of you guys go to the Crossroads of the West Gun Show last weekend? Did anyone see the Busse Table?

Darkjedi :)
"Then I show them my LCC and offer to let them hold it. Their eyes open wide and they sit/stand there positively awestruck. They're fascinated with it"

Are you sure you're talking about your knife ?

LCC is a funny name for your "private part" !!
I just call mine Harold !!


I am a fellow Arizonan, I grew up in Glendale/Phoenix. I moved to Florida about three years ago but I plan to move back after college. My uncle in Northern Arizona made me my first custom knife. You are correct about Arizona, I think it is a great place if your into shooting guns or collecting knives.
OK, I'm new here but am a regular on BMF. At this time BM's are my only interest. This is cost driven - damn guys, can't have 'em all!!I'm a re-located ARIZONAN, currently working in NM - can't wait to get home. Get the same questions here one would expect in Canada. Wow - is that legal??? Can you really own that?? Lived in AZ since '57, native? No- but "ain't been east of the Missippi since", by choice I might add!! OK, there's beautiful country there and great folks-- sure wish they'd proove it by electing officials who know why the sun doesn't shine where they can see it. Does the constitution mean anything to these jerks?? Have they ever read the federalist papers?? Sure doesn't look like it. And these folks are getting paid to represent us?? Sincerely --

I too was happy to hear of the response knives receive there. My roots are in Montana, so expect some things are very similar.

Have been planning for some time that when my life falls completely apart and I my parental responsibilities are over to go give Tucson a look see. My folks used to winter just north of there, and they loved it.

Am very interested in having a yard I can lightly rake once weekly and keep up with the neighborhood. Not to mention the scenery, and relative lack of cold weather.

I know this isn't a proper question, but one of my mental defects is the impossibility of controlling myself -- Nowhere Fast -- does Harold respond when you call him?
Do you speak with him often?

Asi es la vida

greg c--

You're probably right about Sanctuary, same goes for Axis/Radius, both large clubs with a lot of security. I only show it at places where I'm a regular. And I don't care for either of those places. I stop into Sanctuary occasionally to see Kathy Brown, go early, and leave before the place fills up with kiddies and the music gets loud. But it's no problem at Chang's for example. BTW your card reads public servant, does that mean LEO?

nowhere fast--

When I was describing their reaction I was tempted to add a line like 'the first time they held a 'Harold' in their warm little hand'.

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LOL !!

Bugs- Yes he does respond in fact he's always at attention ! We have some good converstions, he also speaks Spanish and Japanese

RKnight- If I said that I'd have to change the words a little;
"The first time they held little Harold in their warm hand"