Woo-hoo! Blade ran a pic of one of my knives!

Oct 5, 1998
I have just returned from the Las Vegas Classic (and a short vacation). What do I find but a picture of one of my knives in the latest Blade. What a rush!

Just to make things sweeter, I bought a copy of Knives '99 while in Sin City and found that Ken Warner had run a picture of one of my Bowies. It's been a good week.
Hi Matt,
Sorryto put you on the spot, but let's hear more about your work. What do you like to make? When did you start? Where in Blade is the picture of your knife (what page)? We would love to hear more about your knives.

Waiting in Alaska......


Matt, I have the magazine and that is one very clean fixed blade. I'm glad they put one of your knives on there. What other steels have you worked with and what is your favorite steel. Also, what is your favorite style of knife that you make.
hey matt! kewlness...i'm looking at yer knife right now..it's very sweet! and as knives 99 says righteously severe!


oh and it's on page 132 in knives 99...

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Great looking knives. Thanks for telling me the page, Liz. The picture in the current issue of Blade (4/99)is on page 123. I love the micarta handle, too.


Matt's knives, at least the ones I felt, have seriously good edge geometry. So good, I wouldn't have to re-profile the edge to get the kind of performance I want. And if you know what a picky malcontent I am, you know that's saying something!

Nice pic and congrats Matt
Thanks Lizabeth and Greg for posting the page numbers. I notice I forgot to append my webpage address to the last message. Hopefully it will be on the end of this one. Greg wanted to know how long I've been making knives, and what I do.

I've been making knives for a little over two years, the last year seriously. I make the kind of knives that interested me as a collector, generally more classic patterns, leaning towards utility but I'm trying to do more fighters and fancier pieces. The "tactical" look generally leaves me cold.

As Joe indicated, I tend toward the Western Canadian style of cutting knives rather than pry bars. I can make pry bars, but haven't found a lot of call for them yet.

My web site gives a good cross section of my work to date. I'll be at the Vancouver (BC) knife show in April, and the Blade show in June.