Woo or Hobbit Fang?

Apr 26, 1999
I've been considering a neck knife (one relatively cheap and disposable, just in case), and have narrowed it down to Newt's Woo or the Round Eye Hobbit. Anyone with experience with either (pros and cons)? I really want to know if there is enough handle to grip on these smaller knives? Or, if anyone knows of another contended for purchase?
hello sevans, i own a "WOO" for about 8 months now and love it. The other you mentioned my friend has, i have handled it many times, it is alittle lighter, and in my opinion better for skinning, or utility use. The woo i feel is more of a slash and run blade, better for self-defense and the tanto blade slashes awesome. Mine is chisel ground and has a olive drab sheath with a 550black para-cord chain/neck harness. One thing i strongly recomend, wrap the handle with para cord, this helps grip. Also, isnt the woo muuuuch cheaper than the round eye, plus this woo is very light weight. Do your self a favor, GET THE WOO......
I own a Woo and Hobbit Fangs. The Woo is a little easier to hold on too and can be had cord wrapped or with micarta handles now. I cord wrapped my own as well as adding some serrations for the thumb and forefinger. Newt is going to have the next batch of Woo's laser cut with the thumb serrations. I'll send you photo's of mine if you wish. The cord wrapping really places the weight of the knife deep and comfortable in the hand. I haven't figured out how to cord wrap the Fang yet. I think the Fang is a little more asthetically pleasing, but the Woo is a GREAT knife.

If you are strapped for cash, the Woo is cheaper, but good deals CAN be had on the Fangs. Here on the forums or at www.bladeauction.com

You'll be pleased and well served which ever way you go.
Thanks for the replies!! It looks like I'll be getting a WOO (at least first)!!

If you could send a photo, I'd really appreciate it (I'd like to see the serrations)!!
Thanks again!!