Wood Axes?

May 6, 2003
I want to get a good wood axe--full length haft, not a camp axe, and NOT a hatchet or hawk (I like hawks, I just need a good tool for--chopping wood :D )

It's my understanding circa 1960, when chain saws became acessable to the general public, the plummeting demand for good carbon steel wood axes caused the overall quality to go to hell. So what we are left with, is soft POS that chews its way through wood instead CHOPPING.

Any suggestions?
May 12, 2008
im looking at wetterling axes right now and they are realy nice axes around 50$ and estwind axe are nice too. and if your on a tight budget go to flea markets and tag sales.
Sep 3, 2002
I hate to say it but the council tool axes I have had and used are very solid, and an amazing value for their price. The heads have been pretty consistent with the eye well aligned and they have a nice thin profile over all. The finishing on their lower end models with the red heads is a little rough, but they are still very serviceable tools, and take a edge well and are easy to touch up.
I also have the Wetterlings 32" ax and it is a great tool as well. I have been using it a lot in the past weeks to buck out some dead pine trees that fell at my house, I have chopped through 16 inch sections of the trunk with the Wetterlings and it has been a pleasure.
Iltis ox head axes are also very nice and I use one of the 35" felling axes that they produce to fell trees, and have no complaints so far, the ox head has the best finish of the bunch.
And you could always find and hang an old head from Norlund, Collins, plumb or an other manufacturer, and then re grind the blade in to a usable shape. I have gotten some of my favorite axes that way. Good luck
Aug 4, 2007
i'm gonna check out Council Tool Axes - those sound really great.

thanks for that suggestion, brother.