Wood photos, professional VS quick

Mar 2, 2006
I like it how you hold the block of wood in your hand. It gives a good reverence of size, way better then a ruler or so.


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Jun 11, 2008
The detail in your pics is great, and let's face it...it's all about the detail in a piece predominantly purchased for the aesthetics.

scott kozub

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Jan 1, 2018
As mentioned, for knife makers I think these are great. They show the detail very well. Man I love your work.

If you want a consistent but easy setup you can purchase a cheap photo booth / light box from amazon that will fit the small blocks. You may have to play with the lighting a bit but you're setup up it's very fast to take consistent shots. Even a project box from Hobby Lobby with a curved sheet of presentation board / paper will give a clean no line background. Just try to keep the paper clean because any scuffs will show up in future photos.

I find snapseed to be a great photo editing app for your phone if you feel the need to adjust anything. It also lets you save previous settings to speed things up. Really easy to adjust lighting and textures if the picture didn't come out right.