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wooh, can't wait for the Cold Steel Roach Belly

Sep 19, 2001
lmao, check moteng for listings (no pics) of the new CS knives coming. Seems to be 2 distinct lines coming out, one with polypro handles/4116 Krup steel (?) and the other being cordwrapped 1055 (like the RPG and Shanghai Shadow!) Also the Kudu, a zytel folder with a lock release ring... maybe like the Twistmasters?

Honestly, CS can sell some decent users, and these are priced cheap. Maybe they won't be as bad as the names.:rolleyes:
Those 1055 knives sound pretty interesting and they sure are cheap.
Looks like they're coming out with a bunch of san mai things too, like Recon Scout, Gurkha Kukri, etc.

MSRP on the former Carbon V, now SK-5 knives have gone down a bit too, which is interesting. I might just have to buy another Trail Master or Recon Scout when they hit the stores.
The former Carbon V knives are most likely made in China, now that Camillus is out of the game. Possibly SK-5 knives, too. New True Flight Throwers say "Made In China" on them.

The Kudu sounds like a rebranded Okapi to me. I'm guessing something like the 1978N model on this page, with the ring release lock of the classic 907E. And 4116 Krupp Steel, which I am totally unfamiliar with. If it's anything like the regular Okapi carbon steel, it'll be a winner.

And roach belly knife with a polypropylene handle? Hmmm...

Looks like new machetes, too. Barong, Bowie, spearpoint, sax(?) machete, higher priced than the current ones, in two sizes, and with sheaths. Interesting.
CS used this "4116 Krupp" steel for it's kitchen knives for many years. I quess they mean the steel 1.4116 from the German firm ThyssenKrupp. If this is the case, it is used for a lot of kitchen cutlery by many firms. As far as I'm concerned it is quite similar to 440A.

Some old designs like the Peace Keeper daggers seem to be in production again. Very interesting.