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woood type

Jul 10, 2020
I am making a chefs knife with a wood handle, any recommendations on the wood type? Also what is the best oil to cover them with?

"OHHHHHHH, I'm going to cum for you, just like you asked, right, right nowwww! OHHHHHHHH, Kaaaaatelynnnnnn!!!" Hayley screamed as her body twisted and jerked under Katelyn's soft mouth. When she was finished, she lay back staring up through the screen of the lanai at the Wedgewood colored Florida sky full of white cotton ball clouds.
"Wow," Hayley said breathlessly when she could speak again. "You were pretty darn good for your first time eating pussy."

Katelyn wiped her wet mouth with the back of her delicate hand. "You inspired me to do a good job," she said with a tender smile. "Now we better go get dressed and ready for my little ones to wake up." They gathered their towels and walked naked and satisfied back into the house.

Chapter Twelve

It was Thursday afternoon and the sky was charcoal gray. Every now and then a bolt of lightning sliced through the grayness, and rain was imminent. Katelyn was in the kitchen wearing a floral sundress and preparing some things for dinner. Her in-laws had taken the children to play at their house and would be bringing them back at 6:00. Katelyn had invited them to stay for dinner.
Hayley was in the laundry room doing some of her wash, taking advantage of the break from her nanny duties. She was ironing a blouse and daydreaming about making love that morning with Katelyn in the brunette's bed. Katelyn had made her climax over and over with her probing mouth and tongue and her pretty fingers.

In the kitchen, Katelyn was lost in thought as she mindlessly chopped vegetables for a salad. She was remembering Hayley making her climax that morning by licking her clit so fast and hard while she stuck one finger in her pussy and one in her anus. Katelyn had never had anything penetrate her bottom hole before, and she was surprised how much she had liked it. I shouldn't be surprised she thought to herself. I unexpectedly like a lot of things I would've never guessed I'd like. As she continued to think about the morning's events, she felt her panties growing wet. She smiled to herself, enjoying her thoughts.

"What are you smiling about, Lady?" Hayley asked as she entered the kitchen with a basket of clean laundry.

"You," Katelyn replied with lust in her eyes. Hayley set down the basket, walked over to Katelyn and kissed her sweet lips. Katelyn looked at Hayley in her short jeans shorts and pink stretchy tank top, and she was overcome by lust.

Suddenly, she just had to touch Hayley's sexy body. She started fumbling with the button on the girl's shorts and then hurriedly unzipped them. Hayley took them off, and Katelyn was thrilled to see she didn't have any panties on. Katelyn cupped the nanny's pubic mound with her hand as she closed her mouth around a nipple right through the pink tank top.

"Mmmm," they moaned together. Katelyn grabbed the other nipple and twisted it in her fingers and then closed her hand around the large breast. Hayley pulled away for just a second and wriggled out of the tank top and pressed her big breasts against Katelyn's hands. "Oh, God," Hayley gasped as Katelyn bent her head and took a hard pink nipple into her mouth.

As Katelyn sucked first one nipple and then the other, she started to get a really naughty idea. She raised her head and gave Hayley a deep kiss. She started clearing things off of the countertop of the center island where she had been working. When a space was cleared, Katelyn turned to Hayley.

"Climb up here," she ordered.

Hayley was surprised but incredibly excited as she climbed onto the earth-toned granite and lay down. Katelyn spread the blonde's legs and buried her face in the sweet, wet pussy.
"You taste sooo sweet," she said into the flesh as Hayley moaned and clutched at her hair. Katelyn licked the sweet pink flesh for a few minutes, and then she stepped away and walked to the other counter.

"You're not going to leave me here, dripping wet and needing to cum are you?" the nanny asked with an adorable pout.

"Not at all," Katelyn replied, and when she walked back to Hayley, she was holding something behind her back. Hayley's beautiful eyes looked at her curiously and then Katelyn pulled out a long, shiny, seedless cucumber.

Katelyn opened her mouth and deep-throated the vegetable, and then sucked on it and licked it all over as if she were performing oral sex. Hayley watched her incredulously. Then, when Katelyn had wet the cucumber with her saliva, she placed it at the wet opening between Hayley's legs and gently guided it inside her.
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scott kozub

Basic Member
Jan 1, 2018
You should post this in the makers section. Your best best is a professionally stabilized block from k and g or another reputable producer. Rosewoods are great because they are naturally oily dense and stable. I love cocobolo. It sands well without burning and has a deep brown grain that polishes up to a gorgeous shine. Be aware that many exotic woods are an irritant and a lot of rosewoods are. I got covered in a brutal rash last year all over my torso from grinding a handle without breathing protection. I also really like Bocote.

I posted a link to my website gallery. I have a lot of photos and if you hover over each knife a popup with show you what wood was used. I also have a page for custom options showing wood options with examples.

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