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WOOT... GW's Everywhere

Mar 20, 2002
Just sat down and the store comes back up with Muddy Skele's, Yellow Jackets, Oranges, Black G-10's and Tigers... I could only swing a Yellow Jacket and a Muddy but had them all in my basket for a min or so :D....

I'm throwing back a Orange one in about 60 seconds... so you all better hurry :eek:
Was just about to go to bed when I thought I will check once more and saw them. About to throw an extra tiger back.
WOW.. as I threw the Orange back up came a tiger and a Black g10
You guys are ruthless. Durka durka WMDs (response to the sig in the post above. If you don't get it, go see "Team America" now)
I had the black and tiger in my basket and lost them. Then I had the tiger back in there and lost it again. 15 minutes of cart time... I think not. :(
Crap, went away because I did only see the Muddy Skeletons.
Don't tell me there were orange GW too :grumpy: :grumpy:
keep at it this weekend. im sure skunk will be adding stuff until new years day. gotta clean out the trough for 2007!
Maybe I should get the WIFI of my PDA working so I can have a look at the BCS at all times when I'm around the house