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Wootz in "Scientific American"

Mar 29, 1999
After reading some posts about wootz, I looked in my old issues of "Le Scienze", Italian Edition of "Scientific American", and I found in an issue of 1985 an article titled "Damascus Steel", describing some works about how obtain a "real" wootz. Its authors were an engineer from an airplane building company and an University teacher.

I tried to search this article on the Net, but I found nothing.

Just before I start typing the whole article, translating it from Italian to English, let me know if could be enough to post the names of the author, or you succeded to find the article, or it is BS.

It was quite technical, giving temperature, alloys and discussing iron-carbon diagram.

What month was the issue, and what was the title of the article (and the main title on the cover, in case they didn't publish it in Italian the same month as English)?