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Working knife


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Jun 23, 2005
I've been using this 33OT for several years now. There is nothing special about it just a plain little knife but it has found a place in my pocket on several occasions. Is two blades enough or do you guys have to have 3 or 4 or 5 or 1. What are your thoughts?

XBXB- although I am a very big fan of schrade I dont always find myself carrying one. But I will say this I work construction and do a lot of small garage projects and I have always carried a 1 blade knife. and lately I go back and forth between a couple of knives. I carry a single blade case sod buster jr, quite a bit, a nice knife good snap and a good edge. next is a leatherman knife single blade with a flat and a philips screwdriver head on board. and a kershaw ken onion scallion. the last 2 both have pocket clips which after using a knife with a clip its hard to get away from. that way your not digging in your pocket with dirty or muddy hands. I dont see a need for multiple blades unless you find yourself short on blades. Keep in mind There is always an oldtimer on my dresser when I need it. its whatever you like using I change knives all the time. joel
Great question xbxb, I struggle with this one myself. I may be an odd ball or psycho of this great forum but I carry at all times a Schrade LB8, a Schrade ST1 Multi Tool, Schrade 194OT that I interchange from time to time with a Schrade stockman Texas Ranger or the Schrade Trapper Texas Ranger, I also carry a Spyderco Police model. I have on my keychain a small Leatherman multi tool scissors for cutting my cigars along with Schrade Simon SS1 on my truck key chain. Now with regards to the Leatherman, I would replace it with the Schrade ST2 Tough Chip if I could ever keep one. I have bought 11 ST2s only to have them taken away from me by family members, I will buy a few more so I could keep one. I use just about each and every one of these tools at least once a week, with family members asking to borrow one once and a while as well.

Most people only need one pocket or sheath knife; many don’t carry any at all. I think our society today has made anyone who carries tools like these an outcast. Airports cease them, employers regard them as weapons, and schools have banned them, we as a society have gone nuts and have lost it. I remember my father telling me that he was in the rifle club at his high school, this class was supported by an NRA instructor. The only problem he said at the time was a city bus driver told him that he better have his rifle in a scabbard next time he boards the bus, look at how far Left we have gone. I for one feel stripped if I don’t have a knife on me and anyone I feel who has ever carried a knife and looses it feels a great lose. As for your question, the knife that fits your needs is the one you should carry. Also keep in mind to have a replacement knife, just in case something happens to your carry knife. Thanks for the question, maybe some of the other collectors here on this great forum can straighten me out as well.

The 33OT is my favorite Schrade by far, I have one my wife gave me over 20 years ago and it looks like it has been through the mill a couple of times. It will be the last knife I will ever get rid of. I left it beside a farm pond once when I went fishing and found it a couple weeks later, the cows had walked all over it and it was caked with mud. It now shares time with a Spyderco and a Buck, but it will never be completely replaced.
Regular jacks never seem to get enough credit. Two blade knives were popular with my dad's generation as the smallest number of blades to carry in the least amount of space (a two blade pen is no thicker than a single bladed knife). There's a lot of wisdom in this. I have found that having a pen blade helps out a lot in at least two ways. On the practical side, the pen blade on the 33OT can get into tight places that the main blade can't. It is also perceived in a more friendly light by those sad folk who don't know much about knives. One of the things the world needs is a working man's regular jack along the lines of the 33OT. About the closest I have come to it is the black delrin Case jack (but it is stainless, so it never has replaced my 33OT which finds its way into my pocket many days).
These are great posts guys. Holy Mackrell Sam58 you have got to be one of the most prepared guys I have ever read about. I love regular Jack knives. Don't know why? just cant get away from them.
The two knives I've found myself using the most lately are a 194OT and a 12OT. I leave the 12OT in my coat so I have something sharp with me on the go and I leave the 194OT in my coffee table drawer along with my cigar cutter, zippo, and other useful tools...

I have 2 and 3 blade pocket knives, but lately I have been using the single blade knives - they're lighter and seem more suited to the job at hand - opening packages, cutting string, etc... I haven't whittled in years.
I carry an 897UH. I use the turkish clip more than anything, but the sheepsfoot comes in handy too. I just acquired a Diamond Edge 383, which is a great size, about 3.25" but of the same quality as an OT or UH. I kind of lucked into it, and might carry it on occasion. I don't do much specific cutting, but it's nice to pull out a handsome knife when someone needs a cut.
Of all the knives I own I have had my 33ot the longest. I carried and used that knife alot before I got the fever and started buying other knives. For awhile after getting the fever I mostly carried stockmen and it is a great pattern. These days tho I am carrying more two bladed knives than anything. I really like the large blade small blade combo.