Working micarta?

Dec 4, 2009
Hey there. I've got some micarta that I'm going to use as handle scales and I was wondering if it is necessary to use a respirator when working it since it is similar in some respects to G10. Thanks!
I use a respirator every time I use my grinder. Dust of any kind is not good for your lungs.
That's true, let me rephrase the question. Do I need a respirator rated P100 or will a P95 be fine for micarta?
A respirator is always good. Micarta does not contain fibers that are particularly bad for you, like G 10 does.
To the best of my knowledge, the P100 particulate filters will be fine. Vacuum your work area before you take the respirator off.
Let me clarify... I use the P100's because the manufacturer said they were best for all sorts of small dust and whatnot. As Tom said, ALL dust is bad dust. I don't know how P95's are rated, never used them. Check the manu's specs... better safe than sorry.
I use P100 rated for organic vapors as I've been told if it gets hot it can release formaldehyde(sp?) vapor. If the dust sits on my bare arm for too long I get a rash so I would prefer that stuff not get in my lungs
Wow...time for me to buy a new respirator. Here I was thinking a household dust mask would protect me from the dangers of knife making.