Worlds most expensive sebenza

Looks to me like maybe a $800 knife, no jewel just unique handle and damascus.

Anyway it's been listed for at least a couple of months.
From the sellers description: said:
This is a very rare and collectible piece as Reeve produces very few damascus steel knives.
I love how some sellers try to spice up the sales pitch. :rolleyes: As far as I know CRK does quite a few Damascus blades.
Well you know Ken with all due respect I was at the CRK shop this past Sepember and was given a quick tour of the shop and while quoting specifics of monthly folder production would be highly inapropriate here, I can say that it is my opinion that even the plain jane Sebenza is relatively rare. I put myself on a list to have a damascus blade made for one of my small limited edition Sebenzas and the wait was well over a year with no choice of the damascus that they would be able to use. I think if you called CRK to order a blade like that I bet the wait would be about 2 years and of course that is just a shoot from the hip estimate. Dave is right it is about an $800-$900 knife but the guy is probably just trying to turn a profit. Heck if that was a <a href="left%20hand" onmouseover="window.status='left hand'; return true;" onmouseout="window.status=''; return true;">left hand</a> Seb, I'd sure have to give it some deep thought. I probably wouldn't get it though as the blued damascus can get really messed up if you use it and one of my rules about buying knives is not to buy anything that I won't use. :eek: :cool: :) ;) :p


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Compared to most production knife companies, CRK doesn't make many knives. Add on an expensive option, and I don't doubt you could consider damscus CRKs "rare".

That doesn't mean you couldn't comission one now, but there can't be all that many out there.

BTW, for the money I'd want a Gold Coin Sebenza.
I think that same Sebbie has been for sale on eBay on and off for two to three months now. The guy leaves the "Buy It Now" price the same but he has steadily lowered the starting bid in hopes of getting a bite but I haven't seen the first bid on it and one certainly won't come from a humble (read: underpaid) state employee such as myself.
I hear you Mr. Roos. I was told in no uncertain terms that the gold coin Sebenza will never be produced in a left hand version. :grumpy: ;) :) ;) :p
Scott Dog said:
I hear you Mr. Roos. I was told in no uncertain terms that the gold coin Sebenza will never be produced in a left hand version. :grumpy: ;) :) ;) :p

I'll never have that kind of cash to spend on a Sebenza, so don't feel too bad.
I don't want to drag that old but beautiful thread back up but the isle of man is in the british isle. Its north of Wales and south of Scotland. Very nice sebbies that I can't afford to own and most definately can't use :)
I think it looks ugly and un-natural. I've seen MUCH nicer Sebenazai.


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