Worth it. Every penny.


Sep 24, 2003
Just upgraded my membership. I know it is about time. I can get more good knife information in this forum in one day than I can in a full issue of any of the glossy paged knife magazines.

And I have made some great friends here as well, in the Schrade forum, where I mostly hangout, contribute, learn. I mean friends I have actually met, face to face. Friends I have gifted knives to and those who have sent me something nice.

Frankly, I'd pay this small amount once a year simply to be allowed to visit the Schrade forum. I'm grateful that it's been kept open, seeing as how we haven't had an official moderator present for 2 years (Tim Faust was the factory-guy mod). We have since been 'self-moderating' and I think we do a good job of it.

We have some terrific posters there, including three past Schrade employees, among them... get this... the Factory Historian, Debbie Chase. One of our members has authored a book (on switchblades), another member is working on a book about Schrades with another published author. We try and make sure that no question about our favorite brand goes unanswered, and we reply quick! It's a tight knit little community here on BFC, but anyone, absolutely anyone... is welcome with open arms.

Hope this is the right place to post this. I do want to thank BladeForums, you there, Spark if you read this.. for having such a great site, for providing we who call ourselves "Uncle Henry's Lost Souls" a place to keep the great name of Schrade alive.

Phil Scarborough