Would a Gunting Style Kerambit be feasable?

Jul 16, 2004
Browsing through some websites I came across a site the just happened to be selling a kerambit and a BF gunting blade, on the same page and I wondered if a hybrid of those 2 blades would work. They are both great close quarter weapons, so I decided to contact Bram Frank to see if this would be a feasible design. Hopefully he'll respond. What do you guys think, would a design like this work, or would in be too bulky to be a folder.
Tusok...look for it-it's possible, but with the addition of a ring, and tip up carry, the Gunting would become a waved knife, and using it closed would be really difficult. Also, some applications of the G would not work very well-locks and such due to the fact that your finger would be in the hole.
jrbrangi said:
well I just got an email back from Bram Frank. Its already in the works

who's gonna make it spyderco just disco'd the gunting.........