Would someone compare Tuf-Glide and Militec?


Jul 5, 2001
I've heard a lot about both but nothing about the two head-to-head.
I use both tuf-glide and militec-1, both are great products. In general, tuf-glide is primarily a protectant/rust preventor that offers some lubrication, but not all knives respond well to tuf-glide as a lube...militec-1 concentrates more on lubrication, and is the best lubricant I've used. I generally use tuf-glide as a protectant on the blade itself and militec in the pivot.
I have and use both, too. I think Militec-1 does give a bit more lubrication, but I could be imagining this, based on all the 'net reports of Militec-1 being the better lube. Neither of the two seem to have problems with attracting dust and dirt. Sentry's rust protection seems excellent, I haven't really tested out Militec's. The makers of Tuff-Glide feel that it's safe to use on knives that will see some kitchen use -- that is, ingestion of tiny quantities does not pose a health risk. There is no formal certification of this, however -- for that they'd apparently need to go to the FDA, and the process is expensive, so you're in a believe-it-or-don't situation.

A while back on the forums, someone made note of some chemical or other in Militec-1, that he claimed could be hard on steels. I can't remember the details, but it is a claim worth discussing a bit more. Anyone remember what the chemical was, and what the claim was? I think the claim was made by someone high-regarded on the forums ... Will Fennell maybe?

I think the claim was that MT-1 contained Chlorine? Which is corrosive. I am not sure who claimed this. This theory has been de-bunked as far as I know as the quantities were tiny and evaporate in seconds.
I use both. I find the Tuf-glide as a lubricant is most effective when used a few times and allowed to "dry" between applications. As a blade protectant, I have found the Marine Tuf-cloth to be extremely effective.