would you shoot me?

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Jul 8, 1999
As part of research for his graduate thesis, a Navy officer put together a questionnaire, which was administered to a number of Marines at MCAGCC 29 Palms. One of the questions went something like this: "The federal government has banned the personal possession of firearms by anyone but law enforcement. You are ordered to go from house to house confiscating firearms from civilians, and are ordered to shoot any who resist. Will you obey this order?" I won't tell you the results he received, yet.

My question: I suspect that there are a significant # of military folks and federal or state LEOs who read this forum. My question for you: would you obey this order? What if the order concerned guns AND KNIVES?

(1) Would you confiscate the weapons?
(2) Would you shoot anyone who resisted?

OK, if you're not a LEO or military guy, you can answer, too, but mention that you're not a LEO/military dude.

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I am in the medical field so this situation may never come up in my line of work.
However as a soldier with over 14 years of service I know how to give and take orders....
The question has been raised of whether or not I would shoot someone who resisted giving up their Guns(knives?) My answer is an emphatic NO!!! The only time I would fire a shot is in self defense and that only if my life were in danger.
Sorry folks but the constitution I swore to uphold, protect and defend guarantees the right of all citizens to keep and bear arms....

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I am an Army veteran. I am also currently a LEO. In the Army and now as a LEO I took an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States. Such a law would be in violation of the Constitution and I would not obey such an order.

I have however charged people with possession of a weapon with intent to go armed. But there is a difference between a law abiding citizen and Joe Scumbag. The people I have charged were typically gang bangers driving around prepared to do a drive by.

Thats really the shame of gun control. Decent, law abiding citizen's would be disarmed......but the gangbangers, thugs, and other nefarious individuals would not. (They dont care to break the law, and believe me they hope decent people aren't armed) The disarmed citizen would be easy prey.

I love my job but if it came down to violating the second amendment I guess I would be unemployed.


After 17 years in the Air Force, with 11 of those in the Security Police/Law enforcement, running TNT (tactical neutralization teams) heres the legal skinny. Three things must be present prior to any military member utilizing "Deadly Force". Defined, this term means: That force that a reasonable person would know, or should know, would cause serious bodily harm, or death. The three things that must be obvious prior to a service member using deadly force are: 1. Opprotunity: Having the opprotunity to cause the military member harm
2. Capability: A weapon or means to inflict the harm.
3. Intent: The obvious intent to commit harm.
If all of these are present, deadly force may be utilized. If any one of these three circumstances are absent, then deadly force in unjustified, and if used anyway, the military member can be brought up on charges from involuntary manslaughter to 1st degree murder, depending on circumstances.(US Code)
I would follow the order to confiscate items as directed, but would not "shoot" any individual without justification. I would qualify this by questioning the order(s) and state the fact that I would be "shredding" the constitution by doing so. If logic did not reverse the order, I would follow the orders given me, and then take them to a higher authority. Thats what I have sworn to do. This does not mean that I would cheerfully do such a thing, only that by my oath, am leagally and morally bound. The civilian side of me cringes at the thought of ever being faced with this situation, and I hope and pray that it never comes to pass.

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As a former Marine, this is possibly THE one order I would not obey. The Constitution that I swore to uphold guarantees the citizens of the US the right to keep and bear arms, a right that should in NO WAY be infringed, EVER for ANY reason.PERIOD.

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First things first: I am a veteran of the United States Navy. I was qualified at both the pistol and rifle in order to stand armed watches and crosstrained with the Jungle Warfare School at Schofield Army Barracks on Oahu to be a member of my ship's reaction force prior to going to the PG to reflag Kuwaiti tankers during the Iran-Iraq War. I have since graduated from law school.

I do believe that any active or reserve member of the military that takes action against peaceable citizens of his own country is nothing more than a traitor. "All enemies foreign and domestic" if nothing else, implies that there are folks involved in armed combat or armed insurrection against the national interest. Being a glorified agent of tyranny via confiscation on a type of general warrant is not the same as being a soldier (or sailor). You may as well be some two-bit mercenary.

Not that I could ever again be in a position of confiscating, but I would not engage in it were I in the shoes of someone who could. Who needs the grief? Undoubtedly some of the proposed confiscators will be shot to pieces for some ideologically driven crap from some proposed future liberal President.

Personally, from a confiscee's POV, I'd surrender everything remaining on hand. a few traceable guns, some Frost fixed blades, some Buck folders, Victronix pocket knives, a Leatherman or two, a few old bows and arrows, my knife block full of Henckels, my sterling butterknives, my forks, my barbeque fork, my pruning shears, my wife's scissors and pinking shears, my razors, my files, my saw blades, my screwdrivers, all my nails and screws, offer to declaw my cats and beg to keep my nail trimmer so I couldn't have sharp fingernails. Anything remotely dangerous would be given over to the liberal weenies-- total cooperation defuses suspicion.

After I was certain the sweeps had ended I would dig up my cache of knives. Some of those non-magnetic MK&T titanium bladed knives would not be found by metal detectors. when buried underground. The majority of my non sacrificed steel blades would have to become part of a wall or something with lots of metal (a wood stove?) in it for a while. Pistols and ammo from a different location not tied to me would be dug up later. I would then try to make my living suing everyone involved in the exercise each time they shot somebody. Even if suing didn't work I could become a folk hero to some and hit the lecture circuit if the First Amendment still existed.

Either that or I'd leave the country, there would be no point in living here anymore. If no freedom existed, or at least only freedom as described by some leftists who wouldn't know real freedom if the real McCoy walked up and kicked them in their collectivist asses, this wouldn't be America any longer.

If you want to be an agent of such oppression you deserve a real case of the nerves while carrying out your flawed notion of duty.
I wonder if the SWATzi's at Waco and Ruby Ridge took an oath to uphold the Constitution?
Since this is a "right to keep and bear arms" thread, it's the sort of thing that fits best in the Politics forum, which I where I'm moving it to.

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