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Wow = Big Sky

Feb 25, 2001
I sent my 560 off to Buck on Friday, for the BG42 upgrade. My stag PCKS 110 also went in for some blade engraving. That left me.... without a big Buck at camp over the weekend!!! I naturally headed off to Dick's Sporting Goods in a fit of panic. Low and behold....... I found the walnut handled Big Sky. What a knife!!!!! It's absolutely gorgeous!!!

And talk about an edge!!! I had to chop a bunch of branches around the camp, as well as debark a number of maple walking sticks. Then my father-in-law got ahold of it...... Let's just say that I almost didn't get it back. He sure was liking that soft flannel shirt of mine when the toilet paper ran out. :D I ended up having to promise him a wood handled Zipper to get my Big Sky back!!! And it came back as sharp as when it left me.

My only bummer.... The sheath unclipped from my belt twice while sitting down in the woods. I'm gonna' have to make myself a sheath with a belt loop for the Big Sky, before it takes a walk on me. :eek:
Yup, I like the Big Sky too, but agree about the sheath to some extent.
I don't really have a problem with the clip though, just don't like "keeper" straps and wish it was a pouch style. I think a pouch would suit the knife and be secure too. The clip does have it's uses though, as you can slip it onto shorts that don't have belt loops.
Now, the only other thing is... BG42!!!;) :cool:
Interesting comments on the sheath guys. I will pass them on and see if there is any chance of a redesign in the works.

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Hey Joe, add my name to the list of people who think that the Big Sky sheath needs rework. I've had a few customers comment on the lack of security of the sheath on the belt. The clip bends too easily. One customer almost lost his in the woods because it snagged a bush and was pulled off his belt. He was lucky to find it. The sheath needs belt loops.